Prof. Kenneth (K. C. A.) Dawson, CD, MA

Kenneth Cephus Arnold (K.C.A.) Dawson was raised in southern Ontario and schooled in Toronto. After serving overseas in the RCAF during the Second World War, he completed his Master's degree in anthropology at the University of Toronto in 1951.
During the 1950s, he worked with several prominent archaeologists including: Drs. Richard "Scotty" MacNeish, James V. Wright, and Walter A Kenyon.
In 1965, Ken joined the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Lakehead University as an Assistant Professor. During the late 1960's he actively promoted the development of an independent Department of Anthropology. This goal was realized in the fall of 1973 with the establishment of the Department of Anthropology consisting of Professors M H Greenwood, T Kreps, and K C A Dawson as the Department Chair. In the fall of 1976, a second major initiative by Ken was accomplished with the commencement of the Lakehead University Native Studies Programme within the Department of Anthropology.
In addition to his primary position, Ken served on a number of additional committees and organizations within Lakehead University including: being appointed the Director of the Lakehead University Centre for Regional Development in 1981 and being a member of the Lakehead University Senate.
Ken was also an active member of the greater anthropological community. He was a founding member of the Canadian Archaeological Association in 1968, the Society for Historical Archaeological in 1967 and the Canadian Rock Art Research Association. Additionally, Ken served on the editorial boards for the journals Man in the Northeast and Multiculturalism. 
Ken was one of the foremost archaeologists in northwestern Ontario and the eastern Boreal Forest in general. He served as a teacher and mentor to many. Some of the largest archaeological research projects in the Boreal Forest were directed by him; many regions had not been examined prior to his surveys. In 1968, he initiated the excavation of Fort William to provide basic data for the reconstruction of the Ministry of Culture's 'Jewel of the North' - the Old Fort William, which is now such an important tourist draw to the Thunder Bay area. Many of his written works, some about these large projects, continue to be read and referenced as an integral part of Canadian Boreal Forest archaeology.
Ken retired from Lakehead University in 1988. He continued to live in Thunder Bay and write about archaeology and history for many years. Unfortunately, Ken passed away in July 2009.  The world will be a little sadder for his loss but so much richer because of his life and the legacy that he leaves behind.

1951 MA (Archaeology), University of Toronto
Selected Major Funding From:
  • Canada Council
  • National Museums of Canada
  • Indian Affairs and Northern Development
  • Ontario Archaeological and Historic Sites Board
  • Ontario Heritage Foundation
  • Quetico Foundation 
  • Arctic Institute (Polar Gas Impact Study)
  • Ontario Departments of Lands and Forests, Public Records and Archives, Tourism and Information 
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