Honours Theses

Anthropology Undergraduate thesis Titles

Undergraduate students in the Department of Anthropology at Lakehead University conduct many different types of research. The following list of Honours theses demonstrates the variety of research completed here. In addition, many of these individuals have moved on to conduct graduate research after completing their Honours degree.



Mancusa, Madison
Histological insights into developmental stages of archaeological bison bone

Firlotte, Avery
Micromuseums, micro in everything but merit: An analysis of regional museums and their overlooked implications for the field of museum studies



Elgamal, Raghd
The Resettlement of Syria Refugees in Canada & the Oriental "Other"

Mackereth, Eden
Variation in Navicular Morphology among Extant Gorilla Populations



Eber, Anneliese
Two-Dimensional Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Murine Dentition from Liang Bua, Flores

Shepherd, Andrew
Understanding the fossil origins of the Mishepishu monster



Birch, Kira
Pollen analysis of a varved sequence dating between 8900 and 8700 cal yr BP from a cutbank at Confederation College, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Dowhos, Joanna
Three-dimensional geometric morphometric analysis of the trapezium in modern humans, great apes, and fossil hominins

Wenzl, Sarah
Saving the wreckage: Analyzing factors influencing the post-depositional destruction of wooden Great Lakes shipwrecks



Angus, Madeline
Relating cuboid morphology in extant hominids to locomotor behaviours

Garvie Fisher, Monica
Identification of wood deposits from an organic layer exposed by the McIntyre River at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario



Pennanen, Kelsey
Reconstruction of climate, vegetation, and water-level changes from sediments exposed by the McIntyre River at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Hamilton, Christopher
A digital image processing methodology to enhance and record pictographs: A case study from Cliff Lake, Ontario



Stephenson, Jason
Investigating the Effectiveness of Consumer-Grade Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and 3D Modeling Software in Archaeological Surveying and Reconnaissance



McEvoy, Christopher
Black Powder Residue Analysis and The Archaeology of Explosives



Morris, Jennifer
"I didn't request any traditional approaches, I just went along with what the worker said": The accomplishments and challenges of integrating Indigenous Peoples traditional healing and Western biomedicine

Moore, Karlyn
Radiocarbon Dating of Organic Residues from Middle and Late Woodland Ceramics of Sites in Northern Ontario

Hall, Kristina
Non-Heterosexuality in Educational Environments: On Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Coming Out



Matson, Rachel
Young Women's Birthing Experiences in Thunder Bay



Chung, Jayai
Performing Parenthood: Transformative Kinship, Reproductive Power and The Gift.  A Cultural Analysis of Surrogacy as Concerived in Canada and the World



Hajdu, Patricia
Photovoice: Youth and Alcohol, Through Their Eyes: A Comparison of the Impact and Use of Alcohol Between First Nations and Mainstream Youth

Muir, Sarah
The Daily Physical Activity Program: A School-Based Healthy Living Initiative

Lesage, Stephanie
Human Domestication and the Biocultural Environment



Surette, Clarence
Archaeobotanical Evidence of Maize in Southern Manitoba, A.D. 1000-1500



Sonnenburg, Elizabeth
Agents of the Empire: The East India and Hudson's Bay Companies as Precursors to Colonialism



Almqvist, Bjarne
Geoarchaeology of British Medieval Buildings and Cypriot Building: A Viscous Remanent Magnetic Dating Study

Brown, Jennifer
The River Street Burial: DNA Analysis

James, Jennifer
Developing a Feasible Approach to Multiple Residue Analysis

Murray, Carolyn
The Danforth DNA Evidence of the Doe Case



Foreman, Lindsay
Bioarchaeology of the Varden Site



Brown, Amy
In Whose Interest?: Child Support Legislation and Its Effect on Women in Thunder Bay

Hildebrandt, Curtis
mtDNA Analysis of a Forensic Cold Case: Manitou Man 

Praymak, Rene
A Preliminary Investigation of Molecular and Morphological Data



Carson, Shane
The River Street Burial 

Dunk, Chesea
Archaeobotanical Analysis, Behavioral Chain, and Experimentation at

Robinson Pueblo (CL-40/LA-46326)

Hamelin, Jennifer
The Role of Women in the North American Fur Trade

Johnston, Michael
No More Secrecy: The Role and Functions of the Shriner Organization

Junnila, Amy
Speciation of Zooarchaeological Remains Using Mitochrondrial DNA: A Feasability Study

Maki, Jennifer
Spina Bifida Occulta in the Dakhleh Oasis: A Molecular Analysis of Kellis 2 

McCormick, Erin
An Analysis of Bone Modification: Stone Tool Cut Marks vs. Metal Tool Cut Marks



Kasstan, Steve
An Assessment of Paleoentomological Methodology and Their Application for a Holocene Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction in Southwest Manitoba



Griffith-Williams, Brian
Can You Spare Some Change?: Homelessness as a Systemic Problem in Ontario

Hall, TJ
The Origins of Cultural Compelxity on the Northwest Coast of N. America

Knetsch, Melanie
A Comparison of North American Cultural Ideals to North American Medical Standards of Ideal Female Body Imaging

Kurki, Helen
The Recent African Origin of Modern Human 

Maher, Lisa
Dating of the Torments of the Damned in Hell: VRM Dating of the Romanesque Frieze of Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire, UK 

Norris, Dave
Faunal Remains: Associating a Standard for Cut Marks Created

Onafrychuk, Craig
Thought and Language of the Treaty-Making Process: A Sociolinguistic Approach

Otto, Kim
Longitudinal Studies in Biogerontology: An Evaluation

Rodger, Catherine
The Resurgence of T.B. on Canadian Aboriginal Populations 

Thomas, Sarah
The Margaret Mead/Derek Freeman Controversy: A Shockwave Created in the Anthropological Community 

Tindall, Mark
Pool and Gender in Thunder Bay: A Critical Analysis

Valley, Lorraine
Laurel Ceramics from the Wabinosh Site



Bailot, Angela
Italian Immigrants in Thunder Bay: Their Health Beliefs and Healing Practices

Bonner, Fraser
A Critical Examination of Fur Trade Acculturation 

Carroll, Alison
An Examination of the Relationship Between Predation Pressure and Primate Social Evolution 

Goulder, Courtney
Viscous Remanent Magnetic Dating

Graver, Alison
Racial Identification of Skeletal Remains: The Efficacy of mtDNA Genetic Marker Analysis

Jendek, Ed
The Northwest Trade Gun: An Examination of the Development of the Colonial Firearms Trade Within the Context of European and Aboriginal Cultures 

Kenny, George
Evidence of Anishnawbe Ochikawin in the Lac Seul Territory

Moore, Scott
Analysis of Comondu Burials

Pentney, Sandra
Laurel Radiocarbon Dating



Capricci, Jerome
mtDNA Extraction: A Comparison of Two Methods

Durrani, Alexandra
An Anthropological Study of Pictograph Art

Engisch, Chris
Climate Change and Its Implications for Culture: Case Studies from Plains Prehistory

Harms, Paul
The New Russia and Boris Yeltsin: A Case Study of a Revitalization Movement

Kenny, Mary
An Examination of Archaeobotanical Potential in the Boreal and Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence Forests of Northwestern Ontario

McPherson, Tracey
Archaeobotanical Remains: A Comparative Study of Macroremains, Palynology and Phytoliths

Saj, Tania
Dental Pathology of a Roman Period Sample from Kellis 2

Yahn, Douglas
An Exploration of Trade Influences on the Emergence and Collapse of Continental Celtic Culture



MacDonald, Ainsliey
Jesuit Missions and Disease: Baja California in the Eighteenth Century

Perozak, Shelly
Attitudes Toward Alternative Medicine by Chiropractors in Thunder Bay



Driben, Lisa
Biological Relativism 

Henderson, Mel
Descriptive and Comparative Craniometric Study of the People from Ein Tirghi and Kellis, Dakhleh, Egypt

Vahtola, Marjut
Health, Illness, and Healing Beliefs Among the Thunder Bay Finns



Saunders, Della
On the Alliance Made Between Samuel de Champlain and Algonkian Nations, 1603-1629



Campbell, Paige
Dental Pathology in Roman Period Samples from the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt: Its Application to Aging and Paleodietary Research



Bystrican, Brenda
Language: An Evolutionary Perspective

Quarrington, Denise
An Analysis of Blood Symbolism in the Monumental Art of the Classic Maya



Matousek, Paul
Shebandowan Lakes Archaeology: A Synopsis of Current Knowledge, with Particular Analytical Attention to Ceramics from the Kozak Site (DdJm-3)



Petch, Virginia
Attribute Analysis of Ceramics from the Ash Rapids Site (DjKq-4 East)



Duke, Fran
Excavation of Test 4: A Room in Robinson Pueblo (LA46326), New Mexico

Morgan, Catherine
Reconstructing Environment and Culture in the Boreal Forest Regions of Northern Ontario and Eastern Manitoba (8000-4000 B.C.)