Skills & Employment

Your decision to attend university is linked to your future. Open your future at Lakehead.

The knowledge and skills you will gain at Lakehead will serve you well throughout your university years and beyond upon graduation. Our program offerings will open up the world of possibilities to you. The transferable skills you will gain will lead you into exceptional careers both traditional and non-traditional in nature spanning the globe.

Alumni at Work


Lakehead boasts an overall employment rate of 94.4% within two years of graduation—that's higher than the Ontario average. This means that you will be highly employable upon graduation allowing you to put your knowledge and skills into practice right after you graduate with your Lakehead degree in hand.

Here are employment rates for specific academic areas:

  • 87.5% Fine and Applied Arts graduates
  • 89.7% Kinesiology and Outdoor Recreation graduates
  • 90.6% Social Sciences graduates
  • 94.6% Education graduates
  • 95.5% Engineering graduates
  • 95.9% Business graduates
  • 96.9% Humanities graduates
  • 98.3% Nursing graduates
  • 100% Computer Science & Math graduates
  • 100% Forestry graduates
  • 100% Biology & Natural Science graduates

In addition to high employment rates upon graduation, Lakehead students also perform exceptionally well with securing part-time and summer employment in their field of study as students. All of this combined sets you up for success in securing your future career!
Small Learning Environments


As a Lakehead graduate, the skills you will carry into the workforce can literally take you anywhere. Your program of study at Lakehead will open up the doors to an infinite number of career opportunities. 

As a student, you will have the opportunity for:

  • greater engagement in smaller classes
  • the opportunities for undergraduate research
  • hands-on learning experiences, internships, co-operative education
  • close academic mentorship between professors and students

Through the personalized education that Lakehead offers, you will be equipped with a range of skills such as highly technical, discipline-specific expertise and a finely-honed aptitude for critical analysis. You will join a legion of Lakehead grads, who are agile communicators, innovative leaders, and most of all, adept at finding and creating a unique place beyond four walls and lecture halls.  

"It's not about what your degree can do for you; it's about what your degree can do to you. What could possibly be better about the experience of higher education?" 
– Lakehead Philosophy Professor, Dr. Todd Dufresne