Outside the Classroom Learning Opportunities

Experience learning that extends beyond the classroom walls and lecture halls. 

At Lakehead, we believe in connecting you to real world experiences that will enrich your education both inside and outside the classroom. Beyond your classroom, you will take your expertise into our campus community, local community, the lab, the workplace and even around the world. 

Undergraduate Research

Gain exceptional hands-on experience in undergraduate research at Lakehead University. As Canada's #1 Undergraduate Research University, we make research in your undergraduate years a reality. 

Co-op & Internships

Our co-op and internships provide you with real life experiences that put your skills and knowledge to the test. Many of our programs offer opportunities for you to work while you complete your studies. 

Community Service Learning

Link your studies with our local communities through our community service learning courses. Throughout your studies, you may have the opportunity to play a greater role in our university community but also the communities of Thunder Bay or Orillia. 


Many of our courses offer laboratory components that will see you in one of our lab environments. At Lakehead, we also take full advantage of our natural laboratory right outside our door! From Lake Tamblyn and the McIntyre River to the boreal forest and corn fields, we take our learning outside so you can immerse your studies right into the field. 

Placements & Practicums

There are also opportunities for placements and practicums as part of many of our programs that will put you directly into the field. For instance, our Bachelor of Education program has a 105 day teaching placement requirement that provides direct on-the-job training in the school setting. Alternatively, our School of Social Work has field placements in supervised human service organizations. 

As a Lakehead student, you have the exceptional and unconventional opportunity to study, travel and make friends around the world. Immerse yourself in a new culture, learn more about yourself and expand your global perspective by participating in the study abroad program.

You can study for up to a year at a university in another part of the world through one of our exchange university partners. Normally students interested in studying overseas would be required to pay international tuition fees but with our exchange program you continue to pay your Lakehead fees while working towards your degree in another part of the world. Exchange partners include universities in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Finland, Singapore, and Sweden.