Education - Consecutive

Our Faculty of Education prepares prospective teachers for a dynamic and rewarding career through unique and innovative programming. By emphasizing critical thinking skills and collaborative learning, we give you the flexibility to explore the teaching methods, concepts, and values that are meaningful to you. 

We are leading the way in teacher education. Our program emphasizes practical, experiential learning to ensure you are fully prepared to enter into the workforce post-graduation. Our programs are continually adapted to encompass a variety of educational settings and training opportunities in two divisions:

  • Primary-Junior (P/J): JK – Grade 6
  • Intermediate-Senior (I/S): Grades 7-12 

Unlike our Concurrent Education program, which is completed along with an undergraduate degree in another discipline, our Consecutive Education program is a two-year program open to those who have already completed a three- or four-year undergraduate degree.

At our campus in Orillia, we also offer Consecutive Education for those interested in Primary/Junior. 

Lakehead Advantage

We offer a wide range of program streams to address practices that are important to you. Some of our unique program streams include the following

We also offer courses to develop your professional interests, while addressing theoretical and practical aspects of teaching, such as Outdoor Education, Religious Education, and Teaching English as a Second Language.

Our faculty members are experts and active researchers in their areas of study, including:

  • Early Literacy and Numeracy
  • Large-Scale Testing and Evaluation
  • Aboriginal Education
  • Math and Science Education
  • Environmental Education
  • Arts Integrated Studies

They are committed to helping you explore your passions and interests, mentoring your personal and professional growth. Our class sizes are small and conducive to one-on-one learning opportunities with professors. Collaborating with our faculty will expand your knowledge and build effective teaching skills to shape the young minds of tomorrow.

As a Bachelor of Education student you will participate in 105 days of in-class placement over two years, providing you with the opportunities to discover your own teaching style and enter the job market with the necessary experience to be successful. Additionally, our PPOD stream in the Primary-Junior division places you in an off-campus setting one day per week to cover course material and develop your practical teaching abilities. 

We also have unique Aboriginal Education programs if you are interested in working with Aboriginal youth. Our location in Northwestern Ontario, amid a high Aboriginal population, makes Lakehead University the ideal institution to study and practice Aboriginal Education settings across the world!

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