Welcome to Lakehead University's Faculty of Education

Our Faculty is a unique and innovative Faculty that works to prepare prospective teachers, to develop the abilities of professional educators, and to create novel knowledge through research.

By collaborating with our committed faculty, you will have the opportunity to begin a rewarding career as a teacher; to advance your professional abilities and add additional qualifications to your teaching certificate; and to explore Education through original research.

Our Values

Building on a long history in teacher education and education research, while also looking forward to the future, the Faculty is guided by two main documents.

The first is the Faculty of Education Strategic Plan 2018-2023, which highlights where we wish to be over the coming years.

The second is the Flourishing as a Faculty document, which encapsulates the values of the Faculty of Education and will guide the Faculty’s program reviews and the next iteration of the Faculty Strategic Plan (2023-2028). Within this document, we identify and discuss the values that will promote sustainability and human dignity such as equity, diversity, inclusion, reconciliation, and empowerment, both within the Faculty and in its relationships with the wider world. A diversity of issues and challenges, both tangible and intangible, are also discussed in the document, alongside pathways for change at both the individual and faculty level.

Our Programs

We offer a range of programs at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.

Undergraduate Education - Thunder Bay

This is a picture of two teachers helping a group of students in a classroom. Click to access the Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education's wesbite

Undergraduate Education - Orillia

Orillia Education Charter Class

The Department of Professional Development in Education

This is an image of people using computers. Each person is sitting and looking at a monitor.

The Department of Graduate Studies & Research in Education

This is an image of people having a conversation while sitting at a table.

Keewatinase - The Department of Indigenous Education

This is an image of two girls looking at a textbook while sitting at a table. Behind them is art in the woodland style.