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2016/17 Student Stats

In September 2016, we welcomed 67 students to the Master of Public Health and Master of Health Sciences programs.  This year 4 students graduated from the Master of Health Sciences program with Specialization in Gerontology.  A total of 47 students graduated from the Master of Public Health program some of which include specializations in Epidemiology, Gerontology, and Nursing.

The Department of Health Sciences currently has 193 students enrolled in our Master of Public health and Master of Health Sciences programs. 



Master of Public Health = 62 TOTAL

  • MPH General = 26
  • Specializations
    • Epi = 11
    • Gerontology = 3
    • Nursing = 13
    • Nursing with Nurse Practitioner Electives = 5
    • Indigenous and Northern Health= 1
    • MPH Thesis = 3

Master of Health Sciences = 5 TOTAL

  • MHSc Thesis = 4
  • Specializations
    • Gerontology = 1

One unique aspect about our programs is that our Master of Public Health program is offered through a blend of on-campus and distance learning.  People who are already working professionals in the public health field will find that the flex-time option as a period of study, works well to balance home and work life while still providing the opportunity for academic success.  Currently we have 35 full-time and 32 flex time students enrolled and of those students, 21 are on-campus and 46 are off campus.


 Image of student

Jackie Allan

Master of Public Health

Thunder Bay, ON

Practicum Location: Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre

Where I am at today: Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre, Decision Support Consultant

"The Masters in Public Health program offered by Lakehead University was an excellent opportunity to further my education in the healthcare field while working full time as a chartered accountant.

My practicum focused on further analyzing access to healthcare in remote First Nations communities for Indigenous patients by providing relevant research through collaboration with internal and external system partners.  This experience has provided me with valuable insight into furthering a professional career in health policy and management. I am now confident and aware of the endless possibilities a career in public health has for me.



Image of Student

Jessica Lowey

MHSc with Specialization in Epidemiology

Thesis: Age and Sex Influences on Health Care Utilization through the Ontario Telemedicine Network

Why Lakehead Health Sciences?:
"I chose to further my education at Lakehead University as I am interested in directing my education and career paths towards northern health, particularly improving access to specialized health care for those residing in northern, rural communities. The experiences and opportunities I have gained thus far in the MHSc Program have been overwhelmingly positive. I initially entered the program unsure of how I wanted to focus my research. The insight and guidance provided by students and faculty within the department helped focus my interests and ideas, leading to the development of my thesis research exploring virtual health care utilization among Ontario residents.



 The Master of Public Health program was established in 2002 and in 2013 came the Master of Health Sciences program.  To date the Department of Health Sciences has seen 336 students graduate from our programs!