Monday, February 13, 2017 - 4:30pm
Thunder Bay Location: Senate Chambers; Orillia Location: OA2005



February 13, 2017


Thunder Bay Location: SENATE CHAMBERS

Orillia Location: OA 2005


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Approval of Agenda


Approval of Minutes


MOVED that the January 23, 2017 Senate meeting minutes be approved.


Business Arising from the Minutes (not elsewhere on the agenda)


Calendar Changes for Referral

Senators may view details of the proposed calendar changes on the Curriculum Navigator website.  A link to the website along with login information and instructions has been emailed to all Senators.






Proposed Undergraduate Calendar Changes for Referral (Dr. Michael Stevenson)

MOVED that the proposed undergraduate Academic Calendar changes be referred to the appropriate committees:

Faculty of Education

  • 2017-EDU-6141 – Course Title Name Changes

Faculty of Natural Resources Management

  • 2017-NAT-6100 – Creation of new course NRMT-2013-FA-Population Ecology crossed with new course BIOL-2013-FA-Population Ecology


Reports of Senate Standing Committees




Senate Academic Committee Report (Dr. Wayne Melville)

MOVED that the Senate Academic Committee report be accepted.




Senate Budget Committee Report (Dr. Donald Kerr)

MOVED that the Senate Budget Committee report be accepted.




Faculty of Graduate Studies Council Report (Dr. Chander Shahi)

MOVED that the Faculty of Graduate Studies Council report be accepted.




Senate Organization Committee Report (Dr. Craig MacKinnon)




Notice of Motion

This serves as notice that motions will be brought forward at the next meeting of the Senate to enact the following changes to the Senate Bylaws:

(a) that paragraph 9 and Appendix A of the Senate Bylaws be amended to include in the Senate composition, a professional university librarian elected by the professional university librarians for a 3 year term as indicated in the attached document;

(b)  that the sections of the Senate Bylaws which reference sabbaticals and leaves-of-absence be amended as indicated in the attached document.




 MOVED that the Senate Organization Committee report be accepted.




Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee Report (Dr. Michael Stevenson)

MOVED that the Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee report be accepted.


 Calendar Change Approvals




Approval of Undergraduate Calendar Changes (Dr. Michael Stevenson)

MOVED that the following undergraduate Academic Calendar changes be approved:

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

  • 2016-HBS-5915 – Changing Psychology course to a 0.5 credit
  • 2016-HBS-5941 – Adding prerequisite to Psychology 3350

Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies

  • 2016-SCI-5527 – Chemistry-Education ICR
  • 2016-SCI-5849 – Course Modification – Prerequisite update for Geology
  • 2016-SCI-5850 – Chemistry allowed courses update
  • 2016-SCI-5867 – Courses-Modification_UG_GEOLOGY_first year courses
  • 2016-SCI-5908 – GEOG – Course Update
  • 2016-SCI-5909 – GEOG – Correction of First year Course
  • 2016-SCI-5910 – GEOG – Program Clean Up
  • 2016-SCI-5933 – PROGRAM MODIFICATION (Less SignificantChanges-HBESC(Biology Major) Transfer-Adding   Biology 3012.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • 2016-SOC-5869 – New Concentration in HBASc Interdisciplinary Studies Major
  • 2016-SOC-5870 – New Concentration in Concurrent Education/HBASc Interdisciplinary Studies Major
  • 2016-SOC-5918 – Courses-Reactivation-UG-History 3rd year course
  • 2016-SOC-5926 – course deletions
  • 2016-SOC-5927-A – Geography change in all Outdoor Rec programs
  • 2016-SOC-5930 – Discontinued course
  • 2016-SOC-5931 – ORPT course prerequisite changes







Approval of Graduate Calendar Changes (Dr. Chander Shahi)

MOVED that the following graduate Academic Calendar changes be approved:

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

  • 2016-HBS-5913 – Kine Grad Dip Update Course Title Changes
  • 2016-HBS-5919 – New and Updates to Health Sciences Graduate Courses
  • 2016-HBS-5924-A – Program-Modification-GR-Health Sciences
  • 2016-HBS-5936 – GRAD.elective lists
  • 2016-HBS-5937 – GRAD.KINE.course descriptions

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • 2016-SOC-5822 – New course for Social Justice Studies program, Graduate level
  • 2016-SOC-5825 – New course for the Social Justice Studies program


Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) Presentation (Dr. Moira McPherson and Dr. Heather Murchison)


Informational Items



President’s Report (Dr. Brian Stevenson)



Provost & Vice-President (Academic) Report (Dr. Moira McPherson)



Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) Report (Dr. Penny Moody-Corbett)



Board of Governors Member Report (Mr. Lou Pero)


In-Camera Session


MOVED that the Senate adjourns to an in-camera session to receive reports from the Honorary Degrees Committee and the Chancellor Electoral Board, and that only Senators and others specifically invited by the Chair shall be present.