Orillia Campus Outlook 2020-2025

Shaping Our Future

In 2019, the Lakehead Orillia Campus embarked on a period of consultation with students, faculty and staff from the campus community to develop strategies to position the campus for a future of growth and prosperity. This consultation resulted in the Orillia Campus Outlook 2020-2025, representing the unique voice of the Orillia campus community.

Informed by the University's strategic, academic and research plans, the Orillia Campus Outlook 2020-2025 represents the unique voice of the Lakehead Orillia campus community, with its own tone and context. While under the umbrella of our institutional plans, this voice is intended to guide the implementation of strategic planning building on the strengths and successes of Lakehead University within the City of Orillia and the County of Simcoe.

The Orillia Campus Outlook 2020-2025 is ambitious as it speaks clearly to the potential that the campus and community bring to the future growth and development of Lakehead University in alignment with the five strategic pillars.

We look toward a future that continues to bring prosperity to our community and a continued strengthening of our relationships with our many local partners.

Outlook Framework

The Orillia Campus Outlook 2020-2025 will work with the institutional strategic, academic, and research plans to lead academic and capital development on the Lakehead Orillia campus over the next five years. This plan is an expression of specific strategic directions coming out of extensive campus community consultations and gives voice to a uniquely Lakehead Orillia campus approach to the goals and objectives specific to those identified in the overarching Lakehead University Strategic Plan 2018-2023.

Community consultation was at the heart of the process. The process included data synthesis, including a review of inputs gathered from consultations and an online survey, to ensure that there was alignment with strategies identified within each pillar of the institutional strategic plan.

Lakehead University is committed to a process of integrated planning that works to coordinate strategic, academic, and research priorities with needs around space, infrastructure, human and financial resources. The Orillia Campus Outlook 2020-2025 has been created with this framework in mind, and is informed by multi-year budgeting, decision making, and priority setting processes that will enable academic and capital development on the Lakehead Orillia campus.