Alternative transportation

Ride sharing/carpooling

Ride share programs can reduce campus traffic by providing students, faculty and staff a convenient tool to find other willing to share the commute. As a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) campus, Lakehead Orillia actively promotes the use of public transit (U-Pass) and carpooling. 

Transit to/from Lakehead Orillia

Orillia Transit

All full-time undergraduate students have access to Orillia City Transit, which operates seven days a week. Please get your City Transit sticker (U-Pass) through LUSU in order to access buses by showing your Lakehead University Student Card.

The City of Orillia Operates municipal bus services with pick-up and drop-off at 500 University Avenue. 

Find details here and the City of Orillia Transit Schedule here

Simcoe County LINX
Simcoe County LINX is a conventional public transit system that links major urban hubs and local transit services in the County of Simcoe. Find more information on routes and fares at

Ontario Northland
Bus service from Toronto to Barrie and Orillia. Students are eligible for a discounted fare.  Please check online for schedules and fares.

GO Transit
Although GO Transit does not provide direct access from Barrie to Orillia, they do have train and bus services from Toronto to Barrie, which can connect to Northland and Hammond transportation. Check schedules and fares here. 



City taxi services

Able Taxi 

All Canadian Taxi

Orillia Taxi