Dr. Nisha Sutherland

Graduate Coordinator, Masters of Nursing , MPH Nursing Specialization Programs
Associate Professor
+1 (807) 343-8058
SN 1038
Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Academic Qualifications: 

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing   Western University      2015

Masters of Science in Nursing     McMaster University    2008

Bachelor of Science in Nursing    McMaster University    2004

Date joined Lakehead: 
August, 2014
Research Interests: 

Working in the areas of aging, gender, and health, the focus of my research is to promote equity and quality of life for seniors and family caregivers in the community, particularly during end-of-life. Building from my doctoral work, I will explore how the social determinants of health (e.g. geography, class, age gender, or race) shape experiences. The ultimate goal is to optimize health and healthcare experiences, particularly for the disadvantaged and during vulnerable times.


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Phinney, A., & Wiersma, E., Baumbusch,J., Hung, V., Martin, L., , Purveen, G., & Sutherland, N. (2019-2030) Building Capacity for Meaning Participation by People Living with Dementia (funded by The Public Health Agency of Canada)

Thompson, D., Cameron,E., Newhouse, I., & Sutherland, N. (2019). Opening the Black Box of Rural Interprofessional Collaboration: A Multiple Case Study Examining the Relationships between Health Workers and Environments in Rural Settings (funded by SSHRC, Insight Development Grant).

Wiersma, E., Sutherland, N., & Wilford, R. (2019). Changing Melodies: A Declaration of Independence (funded by New Horizons for Seniors Program, Government of Canada).

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St. Amant, O., & Sutherland N. (2016-2018) . Student Placements Abroad and in Canada’s Northern Communities: A Critical Analysis of the Integration of ‘Global’ and ‘Local’ Knowledge in Nursing Pedagogy (funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council [SSHRC] Insight Development Grant) .

Sutherland, N (PI) (Oct 2015-2016) . Frontline Staff Perceptions of Their Role in End-of-life Decision Making for Long-term Care Residents Living With Dementia and Their Family Members (funded by the Lakehead University Senate Research Committee Research Development Fund) .


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