Potential Future Students:

Graduate: I typically accept 1-2 new graduate students per year (MA or PhD in Clinical Psychology and MSc or PhD in Psychological Science). I encourage you to email me for more information and to discuss potential research projects before you apply to the program.

Undergraduate: I typically accept 1-3 Honours Thesis students per year. Arrange a meeting with me early in the winter semester of your third year for consideration. If you would like research experience in your second or third year, contact me for opportunities in volunteer or course-based research experiences.

Graduate Students (Doctorate):

Taslim Alani (Completed): Intimate partner violence

Karin Almuhtadi: Attachment injuries in adult relationships 

Catherine Schoales: Healthcare systems

Hilary Jones: Adaptive Cycle of Meaning Making

Veronica Parades: Food sovereignty, art, and identity in Ecuador and Canada

Graduate Students (Masters):

Christiana Fidler (Completed)

Adam Davis (Completed)

Jason Randle (Completed)

Isha Sharma (Completed)

Jasmine Petersen (Completed)

Lee-Ann Chevrette (Completed)

Jasmine Bajwa-Singh (Completed)

Julie Harper (Completed)

Lana Ray (Completed)

Graham Trull (Completed)