Current Students

  • Jason Nichols.  “The Canadian State and Health Outcomes of Indigenous Peoples in Treaty 7 Territory, 1890-1930.”  MA Major Research Project
  • Aja Mayer.  "British War Brides at the Lakehead after the Second World War."  MA Major Research Project.
  • Nikos Jokinen-Packer.  "US Involvement with the Spanish-American War."  MA Major Research Project.

Completed Students

  • 2024. Joseph Damsell.  "Canada and Laos, 1960-1961: World's Apart."  MA Major Research Project.
  • 2024. Bronwyn Chesterfield.  "The 29th South Alberta Reconnaissance Regiment during the Second World War." MA Major Research Project (co-supervised with Dr. Michael Beaulieu).
  • 2023.  Taylor Laughton.  "Robert Borden and the 1917 Conscription Crisis."  MA Major Research Project (co-supervised with Dr. Michael Beaulieu).
  • 2023.  Haileigh Riddell. "Eugenics in Canada: New Insight through a Comparison of Two Eugenic Bodies." MA Major Research Project (co-supervised with Dr. Michel Beaulieu).
  • 2022.  Bryson Irvine. "Howard Charles Green, Canadian Politics, and the War in Europe, 1939-1941." MA Major Research Project.
  • 2017.  Jenna Kirker. "A Matter of Principle: Female Involvement in Politics and Labour at the Lakehead, 1903-1918." MA Thesis (co-supervised with Dr. Ronald Harpelle).
  • 2016. Michael Lucifora. "Canada and the 1958 Crisis in the Middle East." MA Major Research Project.
  • 2016. Amanda Oliveira. "The Coming and Going of Eugenics in Alberta: A Discarded History, 1928-1972." MA Thesis (co-supervised with Dr. Michel Beaulieu).
  • 2015. Kim Crawford. "Federal Job Training Strategies for Aboriginals in the 1970s." MA Major Research Project.
  • 2013. Jamie Nelemans. "The Canadian Forces and American Military Influence, 1963-1989." MA Thesis.
  • 2012. Kyle Holomego. "Canada's Policy towards Communist China, 1949-1971." MA Thesis.