Photo portrait of Dr. Clara Sacchetti-Dufresne

Dr. Clara Sacchetti-Dufresne

Sessional or Contract

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+1 (807) 343-8293
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At this time, should you wish to contact Dr. Sacchetti Dufresne, please use email.
Previous Teaching/Work: 
  • Philosophy 1119 Philosophy Through Popular Culture
  • Philosophy 2715 Special Topics: 'Terrorism', Genocide and Human Rights
Research Interests: 

Clara Sacchetti-Dufresne holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from York University, Toronto. Her research focuses on the discursive constitution of Italian-Canadian gender identities in the postmodern world.

Her areas of interest include studies in feminist theory, post-colonial history, dance, critiques of capitalism (social justice), and post-structuralism.

She has co-edited two collections and has published many articles.  



Current Teaching

Dr. Sacchetti-Dufresne is an Adjunct Professor and a contract lecturer for Philosophy and Anthropology. She is currently teaching the following courses:

  • Philosophy 1119: Philosophy Through Popular Culture
  • Philosophy 3419: Philosophy and Gender
  • Anthropology 3811: The Anthropology of Sexuality
  • Social Work 4213: Violence and Social Work Practice