Dr. Clara Sacchetti Dufresne photo portrait

Dr. Clara Sacchetti-Dufresne

Academic Support Zone Coordinator; and, Contract Lecturer
Adjunct, Sessional or Contract
Adjunct, Sessional or Contract
+1 343-8010ext. 8293
please contract using university email csacchet@lakeheadu.ca for appointments
Academic Qualifications: 

PhD York University, Social Anthropology

MA University of Western, Symbolic Anthropology

Previous Teaching/Work: 

Dr. Sacchetti Dufresne has taught at Lakehead University for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. For the Department of Philosophy she has developed and instructed the following courses for online and on campus enrolments:

  • Philosophy 1118 Philosophy of the Occult and Paranormal
  • Philosophy 1119 Philosophy Through Popular Culture
  • Philosophy 2715 Special Topics: 'Terrorism', Genocide and Human Rights
  • Philosophy 3419 Philosophy and Gender
Research Interests: 

Sacchetti-Dufresne's research focus is on the discursive constitution of Italian-Canadian gender identities in the postmodern world.

Her areas of interest include studies in feminist theory, post-colonial history, dance, critiques of capitalism (social justice), and post-structuralism.

She has co-edited two collections and has published many articles.  



Current Teaching

Dr. Sacchetti Dufresne is an Adjunct Professor and a contract lecturer for Philosophy and Anthropology. She is currently teaching the following courses:

  • Philosophy 3419: Philosophy and Gender
  • Anthropology 1034: World Cultures
  • Anthropology 2515: Key Concepts in World Culture