Department of Philosophy

While the pursuit of knowledge is now compartmentalized according to specialized disciplines, philosophy continues to address larger questions about the nature of truth, goodness, beauty and reality.

Interested in Philosophy?

Studying Philosophy at Lakehead University you will learn:

  • fundamental concepts in Philosophy (from Ancient Greek to modern Continental)
    and what's philosophy without a bit of Freud?
  • apply ethical reasoning to contemporary life
  • analyze and interpret arguments
  • ...and much more. Check out all the Learning Objectives for a degree in Philosophy.

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is concerned with the most fundamental questions: "What is truth? What is knowledge? What is the good? What is justice? How should we live?" However, philosophy is not just a subject of study but a discipline involving the practical skills of thinking. 

Philosophy will Include:

  • study of assumptions and concepts in science and society
  • examination and criticism of fundamental ideas
  • critical and practical thinking


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Philosopy Department Newsletter September 2015
The premiere issue of the Department of Philosophy Newsletter is available online.
Lakehead University’s Morris Lecture Featuring Philosopher Mark Kingwell
One of Canada’s most famous philosophers, Mark Kingwell, will be the guest speaker at this year’s Morris Lecture, hosted by Lakehead University’s... full story
New Book Published in the Department of Philosophy
Dr. Todd Dufresne and Dr. Clara Sacchetti have edited book, The Economy as Cultural System: Theory, Capitalism, Crisis released in 2012 by Bloomsbury... full story
Dr. Todd Dufresne Edits Freud
Philosophy professor Dr. Todd Dufresne recently edited the new Broadview Press edition of Freud's The Future of an Illusion.