Recent Supervisions

PhD Dissertations

Kuhl, G. (2016). Living well in a world with wolves: Educators' perspectives. PhD, Lakehead University.

MEd Theses

McDonald, M. (2018). Why don't intermediate teachers go outside? MEd, Lakehead University.

Romano, G. (2017). Sustainable happiness in an ecovillage: Exploring the impacts of sustainable living on individual happiness. MEd, Lakehead University.

Twance, M. (2017). “It was your ancestors who put them there and they put them there for you”: Exploring Indigenous connections to mazinaabikiniganan as land-based education. MEd, Lakehead University.

MEd Portfolios

Garrett, E. (2019). Horsepower: Understanding the educational implications of horse/human relationships. MEd. Lakehead University.

Skrzypek, N. (2018). Climate change education: A portfolio. MEd, Lakehead University.

Boulet, A. (2017). Clearing the way: Decolonizing food systems education with an historical perspective on the role of European-style agriculture and colonization in Ontario. MEd, Lakehead University.

Miller, J. (2017). Developing and implementing an Indigenous outdoor and experiential education course. MEd, Lakehead University.

MA Creative Projects

Panina, V. (2019). Embracing my body: A journey. MA Social Justice Studies, Lakehead University.