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Russell, C. (in press, 2020). Fat pedagogy and the disruption of weight-based oppression: Toward the flourishing of all bodies. In S. Steinberg & B. Down (Eds.), The Sage handbook of critical pedagogies. London, UK: Sage.

Lemelin, R. H., Boileau, E. Y. S., & Russell, C. (in press, 2019). Entomotourism: The allure of the arthropod. Society and Animals, 27(7).

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Russell, C. (2019). An intersectional approach to teaching and learning about humans and other animals in educational contexts. In T. Lloro-Bidart & V. Banschbach (Eds.), Animals in environmental education: Interdisciplinary approaches to curriculum and pedagogy (pp. 35-52). London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Cameron, E., & Russell, C. (2016). The fat pedagogy reader: Challenging weight-based oppression through critical education. New York, NY: Peter Lang. [winner of a 2016 American Educational Research Association Critics' Choice Award; winner of a 2017 Society of Professors of Education Outstanding Book Award]

Russell, C., & Semenko, K. (2016). We take “cow” as a compliment: Fattening humane, environmental, and social justice education. In E. Cameron & C. Russell (Eds.), The fat pedagogy reader: Challenging weight-based oppression through critical education (pp. 211-220). New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Russell, C., & Cameron, E. (2016). Conclusion: A fat pedagogy manifesto. In E. Cameron & C. Russell (Eds.), The fat pedagogy reader: Challenging weight-based oppression through critical education (pp. 251-256). New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Russell, C. (2016). On open access, the politics of citation, and generous scholarship. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 21, 5-12. [editorial]

Russell, C., & Oakley, J. (2016). Engaging the emotional dimensions of environmental education. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 21, 13-22. [editorial]

Recent Blog Posts, Video Presentations & Newspaper Articles

Boileau, E., & Russell, C. (2019). How might children’s pedagogical encounters with insects and arachnids contribute to multispecies flourishing? Common Worlds Research Collective Microblog, January 15.

Russell, C. (2018). How might the idea of intersectionality help us learn about our entanglements? Common Worlds Research Collective Microblog, November 21.

Russell, C. (2018). The social construction of other animals. Animals and Society Institute: Video Keyword Project. Retrieved from

Russell, C. (2017). Remarks from Connie Russell, recipient of the NAAEE 2017 Outstanding Contributions to Research Award. eePRO blog, November 6. Retrieved from

Russell, C. (2017). The other "F" word: Fat oppression and finding ways to fight it. Chronicle Journal, March 10, A7.