Dr. Scott Pound

Associate Professor

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+1 (807) 343-8298
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Ryan Building 3037
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Research Interests: 

I study the impact of new media on literary culture from the point of view of avant-garde poetics. I’m interested in the ways writers have been adapting the way they write to accommodate media change. It is by virtue of these adaptations, I believe, that literary culture continues to develop in the post-print era. By degrees, literary culture has become a hybrid of old media (literacy) and an assortment of new media, both analog and digital. 

The book I am completing now, On Speech: Intermedia Poetics and the Reinvention of the Literary, examines the way literary culture has tied itself to new media as part of a project to reimagine print literacy and the literary. By studying the ways new media change our comportment to writing we come across an unlikely but important discovery: Attempts to refashion textuality as a vehicle for speech are a big part of what drives innovation in twentieth century literary culture. 

Parts of this project appear as scholarly articles:

“Kenneth Goldsmith and the Poetics of Information.”  PMLA (forthcoming)

“Language Writing and the Burden of Critique.” Canadian Literature 210-211 (Winter 2011): 9-26.

“Lucid/Ludic.” Boundary 2. 37:1 (Spring 2010): 179-200.

“The Difference Sound Makes: Gertrude Stein and the Poetics of Intonation.” English Studies in Canada. 33:4 (Dec. 2007 [published July 2009]): 25-37.