Dr. Antony Puddephatt


Phone Number: 
+1 (807) 343-8010ext. 8091
Office Location: 
Ryan Building 2034
Academic Qualifications: 

B.A. (Sociology), University of Waterloo, 2000

M.A. (Sociology), University of Western Ontario, 2002

Ph.D. (Sociology), McMaster University, 2006

Postdoctoral Fellow (Science and Technology Studies), Cornell University, 2007


Date joined Lakehead: 
August, 2007
Research Interests: 

My research interests center around social pragmatism, symbolic interactionism, and related schools of interpretive theory, as well as ethnographic and qualitative research. I have always been fascinated by the philosophy and sociology of knowledge, science, and technology, considering how ideas and artefacts both shape and are shaped by cultural, political, institutional, and interactional patterns. My research topics have been eclectic, including the social theory of George Herbert Mead, the "greedy institution" of amateur chess, perspectives on open-access publishing, and the institutional culture of Sociology itself. I also have interests in micro-theoretical approaches to environmental sociology, and the broad theme of human-nonhuman relations. I look forward to working on a recent SSHRC grant on the subject of how adults diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome adjust to this new label, in relation to their families, friends, colleagues, and their own sense of personal identity. Students interested in any of these areas can contact me if they are interested.