Dr. Sarah Olutola

Assistant Professor
OR 2003
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Academic Qualifications: 

PhD in English, McMaster University

Date joined Lakehead: 
Previous Teaching/Work: 

As an academic and professional writer, Dr. Sarah Olutola’s primary areas of teaching include Black Anglophone literature, critical race studies and writing (fiction and non-fiction). On top of teaching introductory courses and seminars in African and African diasporic Literature, she also has developed and hosted creative writing workshops at the secondary and post-secondary level. She was hired, in part, to bring her knowledge of critical race studies and postcolonial theory to Lakehead University’s English Department, and aims to develop courses at the undergraduate and graduate level that looks at writing through the lens of activism and social justice.

English 2818: Writing Across Genres: Creative Writing

English 4015: African-American Women Writers

Research Interests: 

Dr. Sarah Olutola’s current research concerns Black and critical race studies, postcolonialism, African and African diasporic Anglophone literature, popular media culture and youth literature. Her scholarship has appeared in journals such as Popular Music and Society, Safundi and Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture and Social Justice. She has also written for trade publications such as The Washington Post, Zora Magazine, Teen Vogue and CBC. As an emerging Young Adult (YA) fiction writer, her novels and creative short stories often incorporate her scholarly research.