Graduate Student Supervision

Ashley Percival (2010) - The relationship between depression and social ties in older adults     

Eli Berefo (2010) - Developing a conceptual framework for program evaluation at the North West Community Care Access Centre

Wendy Holmes (2010) - Program plan and evaluation for the development of a nursing practice council in a small, rural area

Shawna Buchholz (2009) - Enhanced tuberculosis surveillance efforts in British Columbia First Nations children: a framework for evaluation

Krista Mills (2009) - Systematic literature review on health promotion strategies for adults with intellectual disabilities

Cindy Stampel (2008) - Teacher perceived barriers to implementing regular daily physical activity in Simcoe County elementary schools

Nicole Brown (2008) - Undergraduate nursing students' attitudes toward persons with mental illness: do theory and clinical exposure make a difference?

Sean Griffith (2008) - Correlates and quality of life among individuals with schizophrenia and comorbid diabetes receiving inpatient psychiatric services

Angela McKague-Bennett (2008) - Social determinants of health and community engagement: developing a framework for public health

Amanda Heaton (2008) - A review of mental health services for children aged 0 to 6 years in Ontario