PhD Students

Casey Oliver Portrait

Casey Oliver, MA Clinical Psychology & MA Counselling Psychology

Casey Oliver is a first year PhD student in the clinical psychology program at Lakehead University. She is from Cobourg, Ontario and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo, a Master of Arts degree in counselling psychology from Western University, and a Masters of Arts degree in clinical psychology from Lakehead University. Her past thesis work has focused on facial processing (bachelors), domestic homicide (MA counsel. psych.), and sexual harassment (MA clin. psych.). She has previously held funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS). Her dissertation will focus on sexual violence that is perpetrated through technology, with a goal of better understanding gender-based violence. For past and recent research outputs, please visit her ResearchGate profile:

Erika Puiras PortraitErika Puiras, MA Clinical Psychology

Erika Puiras is a first year PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program at Lakehead University. She spent her childhood in PEI, before coming to Thunder Bay for her postsecondary education. She received both her HBA Specialization in Psychology and Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology at Lakehead University, under the supervision of Dr. Mazmanian. Past HBA and MA thesis work focused on the overlap between the gambling and gaming industries and behavioural addictions. She has previously received personal funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), and the Lakehead Presidential Scholarship. She has also been (and is currently) an active member of various research teams that have received grant funding from SSHRC, Mitacs, GREO, and Frayme. Erika’s dissertation will focus on the relationship between stigma and voluntary childlessness, examined through an intersectional lens. For further details on her research output, please visit her ResearchGate profile:



MA and MSc Students

Mica S Portrait

Micaela Sheinin, HBSc Psychology

Micaela (Mica) Sheinin is a first year MA student in the Clinical Psychology program at Lakehead University. With an interest in substance use and women’s health, her masters thesis will focus on cannabis use, and potential engagement in self-medicating practices, among individuals with premenstrual distress. She is from Peterborough, Ontario and holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Trent University. Her previous thesis in the Emotion and Health Research Laboratory focused on emotional intelligence and wellbeing (mental and physical health). Additional work has focused on emotional, social, and motivational competencies as they pertain to working professionals and athletes. 


HBA and HBSc Students

Not applicable.


Research Associate and Collaborator

Shayna Cummings Portrait

Shayna Cummings, MSc Psychological Science

Shayna Cummings is a recent MSc graduate of the Psychological Science program at Lakehead University, and was a recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Her MSc thesis focused on the short-term adverse reactions to cannabis. Shayna’s other research areas include driving cessation, gambling and gaming motives, and technology use. She also creates digital knowledge translation (KT) products (e.g., infographics, presentations) to disseminate psychology and health science research. 




Recent Research Opportunity Students

Erika Puiras


HBA and HBSc graduates

Madeline Johannes, 2021

Victoria Benevides, 2021

Erika Puiras, 2019

Abbey Radford, 2018

Shayna Cummings, 2017

Anastasia (Stacie) Fick, 2017

Dani Adduono, 2017

Kaytlin Constantin, 2015

Bradey Alcock, 2014

Stephanie Cottrell, 2014

Victoria Miedema, 2014

Jacqueline Glazier, 2012

Katelyn Gomes, 2011

Courtney Brown, 2011

Nelson Lyon, 2009

Vasilinka Tsar, 2008

Daniel Muzzin, 2008

Emily Sibbald, 2005

Carmen Wheeler, 2005

Sarah Morrison, 1997

Cheryl Everall, 1997

Susan Mudrovcic, 1997

Lisa LaBelle, 1997

Tiina Heimonen, 1997


MA and MSc graduates 

Shayna Cummings, 2021

Erika Puiras, 2021

Casey Oliver, 2021

Dani Adduono, 2019

Carley Pope, 2015

Jessica Tanner, 2014

Suzanne Chomycz, 2012

Megan Short, 2012

Nicholas Harris, 2010

Alexander Penney, 2010

Emily Russell, 2009

Missy Teatero, 2009

Suzanne Stone, 2007

Cory Deutsch, 2006

Emily King, 2005

Jenny Hewitt, 2004

Rosleen Mansour, 2002

Jennine Rawana, 2001

Derick Cyr, 2000

David Davies, 1998

Kirsten Oinonen, 1997

Andrea Kohan, 1997

Beth Merkley, 1997

Nicola Keyhan, 1997


PhD graduates 

Dr. Carley Pope, 2020

Dr. Jessica (Jessie) Tanner, 2019

Dr. Emily Russell-Fawcett, 2015

Dr. Christina Iorio,  2015

Dr. Megan Short, 2015

Dr. Nicholas Harris, 2015

Dr. Loretta Patterson, 2015

Dr. Alexander Penney, 2014

Dr. Julie Harper, 2012

Dr. Emily King, 2011

Dr. Suzanne Stone, 2011

Dr. Jennifer Welsh, 2007

Dr. Kirsten Oinonen, 2003

Dr. Andrea Kohan, 2002

Dr. Tanya Spencer, 2002