Psychology 3201 - Introduction to Psychometric Theory

Theory and principles underlying the construction and use of psychological tests. A critical evaluation of intelligence, learning, achievement, aptitude, interest and personality tests.

This is a required course for students intending to enter the MA in Clinical Psychology at Lakehead University.

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Psychology 3911 - Introduction to Research Processes

This course will examine the theoretical and practical aspects of conducting research in behavioural science such as (a) searching for a worthwhile research problem, (b) planning and conducting research, (c) examining issues in the analysis of the data, and (d) interpreting and communicating research findings. Topics related to research will be covered, such as ethics, validity, variables, controls, and designs.

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Psychology 2917 - Research Opportunity I 

An opportunity for student to work in a research project of a professor in return for course credit.

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Psychology 2937 - Research Opportunity II

An opportunity for student to work in a research project of a professor in return for course credit.

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Psychology 5075 - Mood Disorders

Provides students with advanced-level knowledge of mood disorders. The course will cover the assessment and classification of mood disorders, etiologic factors, and treatment. Specific topics will include historical considerations, current issues in diagnosis, the role of genetics, course and outcome, the neurobiology of mood, cognitive models, the role of stress and life events, developmental factors, personality factors, suicide, biological treatment, and psychological treatment.

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Psychology 5491 - Clinical Psychopharmacology

The foundations provided in Psychology 5471 (Psychopharmacology) will be developed, with particular emphasis on practical clinical issues. The student will gain sufficient knowledge to allow him/her to interact effectively and intelligently in a multidisciplinary treatment team environment. This knowledge will assist the clinician in assessment (e.g., differentiating symptoms from side-effects), treatment planning, monitoring the effectiveness of treatment, and collaborating in medication studies.

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Psychology 6251 - Advanced Assessment Techniques

Advanced theoretical and applied aspects of psychological assessment will be examined. Topics will include: (1) a review of psychometric theory and test construction; (2) review of professional ethics and standards in assessment; (3) evidence-based practice in assessment; (4) advanced interviewing skills; (5) the administration and interpretation of tests of intellectual functioning, memory, psychopathology, personality, health, and vocational interests and aptitudes; (6) computer applications; (7) differential diagnosis; (8) psychological report writing; and (9) special populations, diversity issues, and cultural issues in assessment. The course includes a practicum component.

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