Information for Prospective Students

Dr. Maranzan is available to supervise Psychology undergraduate and graduate students (Masters and Doctoral). There are opportunities for applied clinical research as well as laboratory-based research. Dr. Maranzan's current area of focus is on mental illness stigma. She is particularly interested in supervising students on this topic. 

Current and recent student projects have investigated: 

  • Outcomes associated with knowledge-contact anti-stigma interventions, and the role of empathy
  • Relationships between public stigma, self-stigma, help-seeking attitudes, and help-seeking behaviour in university students
  • Social anxiety, anxiety sensitivity, and perfectionism
  • Social anxiety, anxiety sensitivity, and alcohol use in university students
  • Outcomes associated with group cognitive-behavioural therapy for anxiety disorders
  • Interprofessional care in mental health

Students in the Mental Health Research Lab are encouraged to participate in additional lab projects. These are typically applied clinical research projects such as program evaluations and outcome evaluation. 

Students in the Mental Health Research Lab are active disseminators and present their research at local and national conferences. Students are expected to seek opportunities to share their project outcomes and collaborate on publications. 

New supervisees and laboratory volunteers are welcome. If you are interested please contact Dr. Maranzan with your current cv, unofficial transcipt, and a brief statement of interest.