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Dr. Nicolas Lépine


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Previous Teaching/Work: 

Dr. Nicolas Lépine started teaching in Xi’an, China, where he lectured in World history and languages. Afterwards, he worked as a teaching and research assistant in the field of Modern European history and taught languages in France and Spain. He currently lectures at Lakeahead University on the history of the Hispanic World, Modern Europe, and International/Transnational organizations.

Research Interests: 

Dr. Lépine specializes in international social-democratic organisations and transnational history of the British, Belgian, Spanish, and French labour movements during the interwar era. He is currently finalizing a book exploring the involvement of national labour movements, the Labour and Socialist International, and the International Federation of Trade Unions in the Spanish Civil War. Tentatively entitled Socialisme international et Guerre civile espagnole: la campagne transnationale de solidarité politique, it demonstrates how solidarity policies were developed in both national and international environments. 

Dr. Lépine has also been involved in research projects addressing post-war reconstruction by the British, French, and German socialist parties. Recently, he has worked on a research project for the University of Gent, which analyzed the contributions of International Labour Organization to postwar reconstruction.


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Book Chapters and Journal Articles (peer reviewed):

LÉPINE, N. “Mains libres vs Internationalism: The Belgian Workers’ Party Internationalist Solidarity for Republican Spain in Times of National withdrawal”. In: Kim Christiaens, John Nieuwenhuys and Charles Roemer (eds), International Solidarity Movements in the Low Countries during the Twentieth Century: New Perspectives and Themes, Berlin, De Gruyter, 2019 (forthcoming).

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Book Reviews:

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