Personal Interests

I am a keen cross country skier and have been a caver since my days as an undergraduate student at Royal Holloway and Bedford New College where I was introduced into caving by a group known as the Moles. Since then I have continued to cave with the Proyecto Espeologico Purificación (PEP), an eclectic group who for the past 25 years have been exploring the Purifcación karst. The Purificación karst area straddles the border between the southern parts of the Mexican states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo León. It comprises the front ranges of the Sierra Madre Oriental which rise from an elevation of 400 meters at Ciudad Victoria to an altitude of 3500 meters on Cerro el Viejo, the area's highest peak. To date over 400 caves have been located in the project area with the longest, Sistema Purificación now over 97 kilometres long and nearly one kilometre deep. I have also been fortunate enough to explore caves in Belize, Tasmania and Montana

I have been a regular contributor to the Death Coral Caver the annual publication of the PEP and have also written articles on Mexican caving which have been published in a variety of caving magazines, in the NSS News, and also on the web.

I live in Thunder Bay with my wife Jill and our dachshunds.