Entomology at Lakehead University

Welcome to the web page of Dr. Don Henne. Here at Lakehead University I study the biology and ecology of insects and other arthropods. Currently I am interested in pursuing collaborative research in the following areas: insect population ecology; insect sampling and statistical concerns; IPM; conservation and biodiversity of moths, ants and bees; and outbreak dynamics of forest Lepidoptera. Opportunities for entomological research in northwestern Ontario abound, with potential research to be found within the disciplines of forest, agricultural, and urban entomology. Located where boreal and Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forests intergrade, Thunder Bay is surrounded by lakes, forests and many diverse ecosystems. Nearby, the Lakehead University Agricultural Experiment Station conducts research on crop varieties that are suited to cultivation in the region.

I welcome requests for collaborations. 

My research gate profile can be found here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Don_Henne