Dr. Lori Chambers


Phone Number: 
+1 (807) 343-8218ext. 8218
Office Location: 
Ryan Building 2021
Office Hours: 
Wednesday 12-2 pm
Date joined Lakehead: 
August, 1999
Previous Teaching/Work: 

Contemporary legal issues, particularly responses to domestic violence; queer studies and alternative families; feminist theory; sexual assault law; and the history of women and the law.

Research Interests: 

I am currently engaged in multiple research projects.

Three projects are related to domestic violence. Dr. Angela Hovey, Dr. Susan Scott, Lakehead Orillia, Social Work, and I are completing a quantitative study of police response data. This project is funded by both SSHRC and the Law Foundation of Ontario.

Also with Drs. Hovey and Scott, I am working on a project on harm reduction based approaches in shelters. This project recently won the Community Engaged Research Award, Lakehead University.

With Dr. Nadia Verrelli, Laurentian University, Political Science, I am preparing a book manuscript on the Supreme Court Case, R. v. Ryan, in which a severely abused woman attempted to hire a hit man to kill her husband. We are also completing an historical study of R. v. Whynott, an early case in which a woman who killed her husband in the context of abuse was acquitted by a jury. 

With Drs. Jodie Murphy-Oikonen and Karen McQueen, I am working on a project interviewing women who have experienced sexual violence, but who have had their cases deemed unfounded by police. This project is funded by SSHRC.  

With Drs. Elaine Wiersma and Mariette Brennan, I am working on a project to expand knowledge by and for those living with dementia with regard to their human rights. 

Select Recent Publications

Chambers, L.  A Legal History of Adoption in Ontario, 1921-2015 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press and Osgoode Society for Legal History, 2016).  

Hovey, A., Roberts, C., Scott, S., and Chambers, L.  “Understanding the Landscape of Substance Use Management Practices in VAW Shelters across Ontario”, submitted Journal of Family Violence, July 21, 2018; revisions requested and completed March 2, 2019; accepted March 26, 2019.   

Roth, J., and Chambers, L. “Transversal and Postmodern Feminist Praxis: Exploring the Use of Theory in Identifying Effective Anti-Islamophobic Discourse Strategies Online”, submitted to Atlantis, May 30, 2018; revisions requested and completed August 15, 2018; accepted March 10, 2019. 

Toombs, E., Drawson, A., Chambers, L., Bobinski, T., Dixon, J., and Mushquash, C.  “Building Community Resiliency: A reflexive approach to empirical work with Canadian First Nations communities”, International Journal of Indigenous Health 10 (1) (2019). Refereed. OPEN ACCESS: https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/iipj.   

Chambers, L., Zweep, D.,  and Verrelli, N.  “Paternal Filicide and Coercive Control: A Review of the Evidence in Cotton v. Berry, University of British Columbia Law Review 51 (3) (2018). Refereed.   

Siddiqui, R., and Chambers, L.  “Sexual Violence: A Call for Public Health Research”, Canadian Journal of Public Health (DOI: 10.17269/s41997-018-0078-x).  

Stinchcombe, A., Kortez-Miller, K., and Chambers, L.  “Physical and mental health inequalities among aging lesbian, gay, and bisexual Canadians: results from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)”, Canadian Journal of Public Health, (2018). Refereed.   

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Chambers, L.  “Boil-Water Advisories and Government (In)Action: The Politics of Indigenous People and Potable Water in Pikangikum First Nation”, Journal of Canadian Studies, 51 (2) (spring 2017), 289-310. Refereed.   

Burnett, K., Skinner, K., Hay, T., LeBlanc, J., and Chambers, L.  “Retail Food Environments, Shopping Experiences, First Nations, and the Provincial Norths”, Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, 37 (10) (summer 2017). Refereed. OPEN ACCESS: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/reports-publications/health-promotion-chronic-disease-prevention-canada-research-policy-practice/vol-37-no-10-2017/retail-food-environments-shopping-first-nations-provincial-norths.html.   

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Nicholas, J., and Chambers, L.  “In Search of the Monkey Girl: Disability, Child Welfare and the Freak Show in Ontario in the 1970s”, Journal of Canadian Studies, 50 (3) (fall 2016), 639-668.  Refereed.   

Chambers, L., and Burnett, K.  “Jordan’s Principle: The Struggle to Accees On-Reserve Medical Care for High Needs Indigenous Children in Canada”, American Indian Quarterly, (2) (spring 2017), 101-124.  Refereed. 

MacLean, J., Verrelli, N., and Chambers, L.  “Battered Women and Duress: A Critique of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in R. v. Ryan”, Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, 29 (1) (spring 2017), 60-82.  Refereed.   

Rahmath-Ansari, S., Chambers, L., and Wakewich, P.  “Veiled Women in Canada: Motivations and Experiences”, Women’s Studies International Forum, 58 (September-October 2016), 34-40.  Refereed.