Supervision and Teaching

Over the past twenty years, Michel has taught dozens of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels for a number of institutions. A list of courses previously taught can be found by clicking here. As direct research training is an important part of undergraduate and graduate studies, each year Michel also supervises students as either part of his ongoing research projects or in his areas of expertise. Interested students are encouraged to contact him directly. Michel is a core faculty member and supervises and teaches courses in the following graduate programs:

Below are the current and past undergraduate and graduate projects Michel has supervised. Links have been provided to the profiles, when available, of former and current students (typically LinkedIn).

Current and Completed Doctoral Students:

  • In Progress. Joel Kilpi. Topic: Finnish Workers, the Industrial Workers of World, and the Pacific Coast. PhD in Political, Societal, and Regional Change University of Helsinki (co-supervisor)
  • In Progress (ABD). Temitope Ojo. Topic: Comparative Forest Communities and Development. PhD in Forest Sciences, Lakehead University
  • 2020. Amanda Lino. "How Forests and Forest Management Messaging was Disseminated in Governmental Promotional Material in Ontario, 1800-1959." PhD in Forest Sciences, Lakehead University.

Current and Completed Masters Students:
Theses (100-150 pages); Major Research Papers (50-70 pages)

  • In Progress. Hanna Johnson. Topic: Religion and Community Development in Scandinavia and Thunder Bay. MA History Thesis. 
  • In Progress. Sierra Lemonius-Walker. Topic: Museums and Immigrant Communities. MA History Major Research Project.
  • In Progress. Richard Mullin-Cote. Topic: Royal Canadian Medical Service and Northwestern Ontario. MA Major Research Project.
  • In Progress. Christopher Omeljaniuk. Topic: French Canada during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. MA Major Research Project.
  • 2021. Mary Francis Maarup. "The Contribution of Women to the Social Service Sector at the Lakehead,1960-1990." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2020. Nicholas Duplessis. "'The CCF is not a 'Class Party'''': Labour, Politics, and their Unification at the Lakehead, 1944-1963." MA History Thesis.
  • 2019. Jasmine Hyslop. "The Port Arthur Mechanics' Institute: Education and Entertainment in a Northern Town." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2018. Brett Starrs. "An Analysis of Canadian Immigration Policy: A Case Study of Fort William and Port Arthur Through Print Media in the 1950s and 1960s." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2018. Greg Johnsen. "The Game Comes Here: The Origins of Organized Sport in Thunder Bay." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2017. Brandon Cordeiro. "Short Circuit: Ontario’s Electrical Utilities, Northern Ontario, and The Metabolic Rift, 1906-1998." MA History Thesis. 
  • 2016. Luana Buckle. "Foodway Transitions from Middle-Class Britain to Nineteenth-Century Ontario." MA History Major Research Project. 
  • 2016. Kyle Duckworth. "The Hunt for the Arctic: Re-Evaluating Arctic History and Mutiny." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2016. Richard Mastrangelo. "Echo and Features: Steep Rock Iron Mine and the Shaping of Corporate Culture." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2016. Amanda Oliveira“The Coming and Going of Eugenics in Alberta: A Discarded History, 1938-1972.” MA History Thesis (co-supervised with Michael Stevenson).
  • 2015. Aaron Macmillan. "Postwar Removal of Discriminatory Clauses from Immigration Policy, 1947-1976." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2015. Kimberly Shirley. "'To Die a ‘Canadian’:  How Nineteenth-Century European Immigrants Influenced the Culture of Death in Canada." MA History Thesis.
  • 2015. Nicholas Sottile. "One Trick Ponies: A Comparative Analysis of the Development of Two Single-Industry Towns in Northwestern Ontario." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2015. Ka Lun Wong. "Understanding the Dragon: Ethnicities of Chinese-Canadian Immigrants, 1858-1997." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2014. Jordan Lehto. "Queering the Postwar High School: Queer Male Youth at the Lakehead, 1945-1965." MA History Major Research Project (specialization in Women's Studies).
  • 2013. Denise Evans (née Munro). "Moral and Social Reform at the Lakehead: Conceptualized Anglo-Protestant Notions of Race, Class, and Gender within Two 1913 Social Surveys." MA History Major Research Project (specialization in Women's Studies).
  • 2013. Devon Tannahill"Rise of the Machine: The Making of The Video Game Industry and Military Simulation." MA History Thesis.
  • 2011. David Blanchard. "Terrace Bay and the North Shore's Post-war Economic and Cultural Identity, 1947-1967." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2011. Gordon Stover. "Thunder Bay's Response to Trudeau Government Policies." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2010. Chelsea Swearengen (née DeGagne). "Soldiers and Politicians: Civil-Military Relations in Fort William and Port Arthur, 1850-1938." MA History Major Research Project.
  • 2009. Nicole Durocher. “Imperialism or Social Reform: An Examination of Attention Paid to Immigrant Mothers in Port Arthur and Fort William in the Early Decades of the Twentieth Century.” MA History Major Research Project (co-supervised with Ernie Epp).
  • 2009. Steve Ross. "William Lyon Mackenzie King, Domestic Anti-Japanese Hostility, and Foreign Policy Determinants, 1907-1942." MA History Major Research Project (co-supervised with Jean-Yves Bernard).
  • 2008. Laura Nigro. "Female Discrimination or Cultural Maintenance?: The Hearing of Giovannina Ruberto-Martinie vs. the Italian Society of Port Arthur." MA History Major Research Project (co-supervised with Lori Chambers)

Current and Completed Honours Thesis and Public History Project Students:

  • 2021. Randi Pert. "Renditions of Our Past: Comparing Landscape Paintings of Nineteenth-Century Northwestern Ontario - Exhibit Project Description Paper." Public History Project (co-supervised with C. Nathan Hatton).
  • 2021. Benjamin Deley. “Exploring Thunder Bay’s History at War First-hand: A digital vignette/direct to internet series project.” Public History Project (co-supervised with C. Nathan Hatton).
  • 2020. Taylor Arsenault. "Northern Tracks: An Analysis of the Developmental History of Alaska." Northern Studies Honours Thesis.
  • 2020. Jeffrey Christman. "Arms of the Dominion: Canadian Military Rifles from 1855-1955" (proposed museum exhibit). Public History Project.
  • 2019. Christine Green. "Reframing Canadian History Through A Northwestern Ontario Regionally Based Lens: Regionally Based Grade Ten Canadian History Lesson Plans." Public History Project.
  • 2019. Katerina Fesithauer. "The Sykes-Picot Agreement: Why it Matters" (proposed museum exhibit). Public History Project. 
  • 2018. Mackenzie Normandeau. "Education Kits on Indigenous History and Industrial Thunder Bay." Public History Project.
  • 2018. Jayne Alexander. "Thunder Bay's Great Depression: A Photographic Exhibit." Public History Project.
  • 2018. Mathew Jollineau. "Script for a Dramatization of The North West Company in Rebellion."  Public History Project.
  • 2018. Megan Sanders. "Alumni Association of Lakehead University Processing and Finding Aid Project." Public History Project.
  • 2010. Gabriel Harpelle. "Anarchy in Quebec: A Survey of the Anarchist Movement, 1864 to 1960." History Honours Thesis.