Research Centre for Sustainable Communities

The general aim of Research Centre for Sustainable Communities (RCSC) is the development of an improved understanding of factors that influence the sustainability of communities. The term “communities” refers to any social grouping, which might include: animal and plant communities, online communities, university communities, localized geographical communities, and/or any other group of people with shared interests, activities or characteristics. The inherent complexity of this research objective demands an innovative approach that is comprehensive and focused. The research projects and activities undertaken as part of the proposed Research Centre will not only fall under at least one of the core areas; Environmental Sustainability, Political Economy or Social Justice, but will additionally focus on interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary methodologies. RCSC rather than merely providing a “home” for contrasting research projects related to community sustainability, the proposed centre will cultivate research programs which target areas only accessible by an interdisciplinary methodological approach. Viewed through the compound lenses of the social and natural sciences, the humanities and fine arts, the complex problem of sustainable communities will get proper attention. 

Contact: Dr. Nandakumar Kanavillil, Director, Tel (1-705-330-4008 ext. 2633)