Centre for Health Care Ethics


The Centre for Health Care Ethics (CHCE) is dedicated to promoting ethical health care in Northwestern Ontario. To this end, CHCE provides a forum for dialogue, the interdisciplinary exchange of information and collaborative research between Lakehead University faculty, students, members of the health care professions, researchers, administrators and public. Through its colloquium series, workshops and conferences, CHCE aims at examining, articulating and improving the ethical standards of the community, reflecting on best experiences and ideas. The Centre's activities are supported by its individual members and institutional members such as Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, St. Joseph's Care Group, Confederation College and other health care organizations and institutions of learning. The programs of the CHCE provide continuing medical education and professional development opportunities for health care providers in the region. CHCE's initiatives focus on such issues as: end of life decisions, ethics of research with human subjects, aboriginal health ethics, religious and cultural interpretation, allocation of scarce resources and professional codes of ethics. All persons and organizations interested in health care ethics are welcome to participate in the Centre's activities.