Lakehead University Research Ethics Board Members

Lakehead University's REB membership complies with Article 6.4 of the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS2) and includes the following members:

Minimum of six full time faculty members who have expertise in relevant research disciplines, fields and methodologies covered by the REB:

  • Claudio Pousa (Faculty of Business Administration) - Chair
  • Tanya Kaefer (Faculty of Education)
  • Nicholas Ravanelli (School of Kinesiology)
  • Monica Flegel (Department of English) - Vice Chair
  • Dwight Mazmanian (Department of Psychology)
  • Erin Cameron (Northern Ontario School of Medicine University), currently on sabbatical
  • Jodie Murphy-Oikonen (School of Social Work), currently on sabbatical
  • Anna Kone Pefoyo (Department of Health Sciences)
  • Jennifer Chisholm (Gender and Women's Studies)
  • Taryn Klarner (School of Kinesiology)
  • Chris Sanders (Sociology)

Minimum of two community members who have no affiliation with the institution but are recruited from the communities served by Lakehead University with preference that one of the community members be of Aboriginal origin:

  • Michael Martel
  • Jamie Cunningham

One member with knowledge in the area of ethics.  This can be someone who has a teaching or research specialization in ethics, or someone who has had extensive experience in the area of research ethics:

  • Ryan Tonkens (Centre for Health Care Ethics)

One full time faculty member whose research involves Aboriginal people:

  • Frederico Oliviera (Anthropology)

A minimum of one member with a biomedical background:


One member knowledgeable in the relevant law (but the member should not be Lakehead University's legal counsel or risk manager):

  • Daniel Dylan (Faculty of Law)