Accessing your Graduate Assistantship and Graduate Funding

Graduate Assistant appointments may be offered to some full-time graduate students (including Visa students) at a rate of $10,402.66 (2021-22) at the Master's level; and $11,344.35 (2021-22) at the Doctoral level. A regular appointment constitutes a maximum of 270 hrs of work over the Fall and Winter terms averaging not more than 10 hrs of work per week. Representative duties include, but are not limited to: preparing classes, teaching, demonstrating, leading seminars, supervising laboratories, marking, consulting with students, holding assigned office hours, setting tests, examination and lab sets, conducting field trips, and providing other academic support assistance. A graduate student is eligible to hold a maximum of two full-time appointments (4 terms) at the Master's level or four full-time appointments (8 terms) at the Doctoral level.

Steps to Set up your Graduate Assistantship (GA)

Your GA is employment with Lakehead University and must be set up each year. You will be required to obtain your Financial Support Form from the Office of Graduate Studies and proceed based on your payment options. This step may involve Accounts Receivable and will end with Human Resources

Step 1. Register for both Fall and Winter terms (Enrolment Services will notify you when you are eligible to do so), and fill out the Graduate Payment Deferral form, if applicable.

Step 2. Reach out to Graduate Studies at to begin the GA process. On the Subject Line indicate: "Begin my GA Set-up"

Step 3. Follow email prompt from Graduate Studies and proceed (by email) either to Accounts Receivable (a) OR to  Human Resources (b), based upon your Tuition/Term Fee payment circumstances:

    1. If you need to use your GA to pay all or some of your term fees please email Accounts Receivable at  to begin the process of assigning payroll towards your student account. 
    2.  If you do not need to use your GA to pay your term fees, (i.e you are using other payment methods such as Scholarships/Awards and/or Bursaries, OSAP (out of province funding), Sponsorship, or paying from your own resources) please contact Human Resources directly at and let them know you are ready to receive your GA package.

Other Graduate Funding (Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries)

Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries are allocated each term (approximately September, January, and May) by the Graduate Funding Officer in the Office of Graduate Studies. Upon confirmation of full-time registration and Social Insurance Number (SIN), scholarships, bursaries, and awards will be first applied to any balance on the student's accountIf the scholarships, bursaries, or awards have overpaid the student account, eligible refunds will be issued by direct deposit to the student's bank account (Canadian bank accounts only).

In order to receive the surplus funds, the Bank Information Form on myInfo (Financial Profile - Update My Bank Information) must be filled out. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that accurate information is submitted. Errors will cause delays.

Questions about refunds may be addressed to:

Any other question about Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries, should be directed to: