Faculty Council Meeting - Deadline Agenda Items - Monday, May 7/2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 1:00pm
ATAC 5036/OA 3041


Date:         May 9, 2018

To:            Members, Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Subject:     COUNCIL MEETING         

There will be a meeting of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Council on:
WEDNESDAY, MAY 9TH FROM 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM IN ATAC 5036 / OA 3041.

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Toll free:


Passcode: 50045 #

 1.    Approval of Agenda.

 2.    Approval of the following Minutes:   April 6, 2018.

 3.    Business Arising from the Minutes.

 4.    Dean’s Report.

 5.    Assistant Dean’s Report.

 6.    Departmental/School Reports.

    i)  Political Science.

       Recommendation Memo for Mr. Kevin Cleghorn as External Adjunct. (If you wish to view Mr. Cleghorn's CV, please contact Sue Viitala)

     ii)  Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism - Calendar Changes:  (Dr. Margaret Johnston will be

         speaking to the changes.)

        2018-SOC-6591 – OUTD 3731:  Tourism Entrepreneurship - Title Change.

        2018-SOC-6592 – OUTD 3715:  Indigenous Tourism – Revised Course Description.

        2018-SOC-6593 – OUTD 3531:  Topics in Tourism – Delete Course.

        2018-SOC-6594 – OUTD 3331:  Topics in Leadership – Delete Course.

        2018-SOC-6595 – OUTD 2910 - Second Year Seminar – Delete Course.

        2018-SOC-6596 – OUTD 3311 - Outdoor Adventure in Leadership – Change to Course


       2018-SOC-6597 – OUTD 2350 – Outdoor Skills and Theory II – Add Prerequisite.

     iii) Social Justice Studies – Calendar Changes:
    2018-SOC-6539 – MA Social Justice Thesis Option
    2018-SOC-6541 – SOCJ:  Master’s Thesis

 7.    Other Business.
    i)  Election of Chair and Vice-Chair of Faculty Council.
 8.    Next Faculty Council Meeting:    TBA – September 2018

 9.    Adjournment.




 April 6th, 2018

A meeting of the Faculty Council was held on Friday, April 6th, 2018 at 10:30 am in ATAC Board Room 5036/ Orillia 3041 – Teleconference/PolyCom.


Dr. Heather Murchison gave a presentation on experiential learning which included high impact practices and the NSEE definition.  A lengthy discussion followed.

Approval of Agenda
It was moved by A. Guttman seconded by A. Carasthasis that the agenda be approved.


Approval of Minutes
It was moved by A. Guttman and seconded by S. Jeppesen that the amended minutes from Friday, February 2nd, 2018 be approved.


Business Arising from the Minutes

Dean’s Report
April 2018
Strategic Hires – have not yet heard anything, I will let you know when I do!
Reminder for all faculty and sessional staff – please have people retain their final exams and assignments, and record of marks for one year.

Procedures Associated with the Policy on Accommodation and Access for Students with Disabilities/Medical Conditions https://www.lakeheadu.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/72/Procedures%20Acc...
We need to develop an accommodation team. We can discuss at our next faculty council meeting in May.

Career Ready Project – Photoshoot – Cody Angus (Enrolment Services, Recruitment)
Looking to capture photos of students “in the field” and in some cases, to profile those students. This is way to represent all the hands on, real life connected learning that we provide for our students. As an example, they went and spent time with two history students that were on placement at the Thunder Bay museum – photos of their curation and discussion about their learning. If anyone has any students who are doing such things, please contact Cody – could even be during their summer job if related, however broadly, to their degree.

Also, as an idea – social media very much drives a lot of traffic to our programs. Something to consider is appointing a student in your program to be responsible for student generated content, and can offer them recognition through the co-curricular record.

Carry forward
We are coming to the end of the fiscal year, please review your budgets and if there are monies you wish to carry forward, please send me a memo so that I can include that with mine. I will need the amount and the rationale for the carry forward. Please also be sure to ask for it as non-taxed.

Time table is being scheduled to open in June for viewing, with registration beginning in July for first year students. Please be sure that you or your designate or your academic advising person is available during those first two weeks as this is a critical time for students.

Scheduling Policy Working Group
The committee has been meeting every two weeks and a lot of work is being done to create a policy for scheduling courses that meet the needs of the students, maximize room usage and allows for a process for appropriate room allocation based on teaching needs and distance delivery. The final DRAFT will be shared through the Senate process, but I will also bring it to faculty council for discussion here. Likely will be completed for sharing in the fall.

Technology Concerns
As part of our OPCC meeting, wanted to let everyone know that a letter requesting the sub-committee of Teaching and Learning that is concerned with technology to do an assessment of tech needs on our two campuses.

Cyclical Reviews
Music, Visual Arts, History and Women’s Studies in the fall. Thank you to everyone for their hard work on this.

Distributed Learning Task Force (formerly CEDL)
Had a meeting today to finalize our budget for fall and winter course approvals, and I will have those to you by Monday. We have to finalize the proposed new structure, its budget and its processes, have it approved by the Provost, and are aiming to do so this spring. As soon as this has happened, I will let you know!

Sessional Hires
Please start your postings for sessional hires for fall and winter. These must be posted for no less than two weeks as per the Collective Agreement, and it is a good idea to include them on line. Please follow the process that I had sent to you earlier. All online postings should come through Sue to be posted by the Provosts office.

Thank you to the chairs who so quickly completed the International credit equivalencies!
SSHURI awards – thank you for submissions, will be putting together an evaluation committee shortly and have results out as soon as possible.

Assistant Dean’s Report

Summer Internships  
The applications are being reviewed and a decision will be made shortly as to who the successful applicants were.

SS&H Year End Celebrations
This is a reminder about our year end celebrations.  The event will be held on April 19th at the Alumni Commons in Orillia and on April 25th in The Study at the Thunder Bay campus.  Please submit your power point slides as soon as possible as they will be shown at each event.

Departmental/School Reports

v)  Social Justice Studies:

The calendar changes for the Social Justice Program were deferred to the meeting in May as there was no one to speak to them.

Other Business

i)  Formation of the Nominations Committee to Consider Nominations for Chair and Vice-Chair of Faculty Council – 2018/2019.

The Chair asked for volunteers to sit on the Nominations Committee.  The following faculty members volunteered to sit on the committee:

Dr. Anna Guttman
Dr. Sarah Jacoba
Dr. Alice den Otter
Dr. Kristy Holmes

They will be meeting shortly to review process and to appoint the chair of the committee.

8.  Next Faculty Council Meeting:  Friday, May 4th, 2018 at 10:30 am; Room:  ATAC 5036/OA 3041.


 It was moved by A. Guttman and seconded by K. Holmes that the meeting be adjourned.    

 Thunder Bay Campus
K. Holmes
A. Carastathis
S. Jacoba
D. Hayes
M. Johnston
R. Robson
J. Roth
A. Guttman
G. Colton
M. Stevenson
L. Forbes

Orillia Campus
S. Jeppesen
A. den Otter

I. Lemée
M. Beaulieu