Student Resources

Welcome to the student resource page for Sciences and Environmental Studies. All of the departments in the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies work together to support the students in our programs. This page has been designed to provide the answers to all your questions from academic counseling to choosing a career. The Student Resource pages will let you know where to go for assistance, and how to navigate the information to make the important decisions. The specific topics covered are: Policies & Procedures, Academic Advising, Financial Support and Job Opportunities.

Policies & Procedures

At any university students must familiarize themselves with a number of policies. At Lakehead our policies, specific to students, are found in the Code of Behaviour. The University has many specific policies and procedures that students should review. Although they may be overwhelming, it is in a student's best interest to review these regulations because along with being a student, come certain responsibilities. The policy which we will bring to student's attention is the Reappraisal/Review policy. Those students seeking reappraisal will have to visit with the Dean.

Academic Advising

The Chair of a student's area of specialization is their academic advisor; however, the Dean is always available for academic advising as well. The first step is to contact the Academic Advising (Student Success Centre).

Financial Support

There are many expenses that go along with attending university, including but not limited to; tuition, book costs, and housing costs. There are many areas of financial support available to students. Visit our Financial Support webpage for information about OSAP, scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Job Opportunities

For students seeking employment while attending university or want to know about careers after graduation, information is provided through our "job opportunities" webpage. This provides information for both on and off campus student jobs as well as information about careers in science and environmental studies.

University is a wonderful environment for discovering your talents and interests. We, your faculty and staff are here to support you in the excitement of learning, to promote fulfillment and success.