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Financing & Budgeting

Whether you are from Ontario, another province, or another country, you have options when it comes to paying your post-secondary costs. Explore the many student assistance opportunities and scholarship, award, and bursary offerings that are available. 

Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries

Consider the Canada Learning Bond (CLB).  If you are 18 and born in 2004, you may be eligible to receive up to $2,000 to help pay for your education after high school.

Your university education is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. To help you with the costs involved, Lakehead University offers over $11 million in funding each year to new and returning students. While scholarships recognize academic achievement, awards are based on a combination of criteria, including academic merit and financial need. Bursaries, on the other hand, are based solely on financial need. Take a closer look at the various funding opportunities available to you. 

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (commonly referred to as OSAP) is a supplemental government assistance funding program. OSAP makes it easier for you to achieve your dream of coming to university.  Did you know that OSAP is not just a loan? You will automatically be considered for grants as well as loans.  While the loan portion does require you to pay back the money provided to you, grants do not - it is free money you can use to offset expenses related to your education. 

Other Student Loans

There are plenty of other ways for you to secure the financial resources you need to help you with the expenses of attending Lakehead University. Whether you are looking for loans from another province outside of Ontario, or maybe even a short-term type of loan for emergency situations, there are options.  Don't forget to start thinking ahead about repaying your loans. 

On-Campus Employment - Work Study Positions

On-campus job opportunities, also known as "Lakehead University Work Study Program (LUWSP)", potentially provide you with an excellent opportunity to work part-time (fall/winter) and/or full-time (spring/summer) while participating in university life. Working on campus is a great way to make additional money to put towards your expenses while gaining meaningful employment to help build your skills and boost your resume. Wages and the type work opportunities vary. Click on the links (to the right) to view the requirements for the term you are interested in.

Financial Planning & Budgeting

Understanding and managing your finances wisely is an important part of being a student at Lakehead University.  We want you to be prepared to pay for your education so you can spend your time thriving in the classroom and not worrying about your finances. Becoming "money wise" - learning how to best manage your money both now and in the future is a valuable skill.  Let us help you look at ways to manage your resources while planning for the future financially.