Course Outlines and Syllabus

We encourage using a variety of pedagogical formats (interactive lectures, discussion groups, audiovisual/web materials and presentations to engage your class and allow students with different learning styles to excel. If you plan to use student presentations to deliver some required course materials or concepts, we want you to know that in our collective experience(s), presentations, particularly in early year courses, can sometimes fall short of the mark. Even with presentations, we have material prepared to help the class successfully learn / engage with the week’s concepts and the main points of required materials. We would encourage you to think about developing a similar plan on presentation days, because as a Department we take our teaching (and our teaching reputation, as a group) seriously.


These are the formal contracts between you and the students for the term. Any in-class expectations and/or penalties must appear in them to be enforceable.

For details of what to include as defined by the Collective Agreement, please see

Printing and Electronic Copy

Please have your finalized course outline to The Admin Assist two (2) weeks prior to the start of term, with the estimated number of copies you need, if you are handing out a hard copy, so she can get them printed in time for your class. Please send her an electronic copy of the outline to post on the Women’s Studies website.

Teaching courses online and streamed to Orillia

Request an online course site, and post your syllabus there so that Orillia students can access it in lieu of a hard copy.

Timely Feedback

You are required to hand back an assignment prior to the course drop date: