Undergraduate Programs

We offer 3- and 4-year Bachelor Degree programs with majors in Psychology, as well as a number of combined and concurrent programs and a minor.  See the university calendar for details on our programs, courses and regulations.

Our new Curriculum

Beginning in September 2020 we are offering a new curriculum for all undergraduate programs.

  • Courses are now one semester long or 0.5 FCE (except Psychology 1100 and 4901)
  • Required second and third year Psychology courses will focus on biological, cognitive, social, developmental, and individual psychology, plus research methods and statistics
  • Labs and tutorials have been added to deepen learning
  • More flexibility in upper year Psychology electives and new 4th-year capstone projects
  • New courses including Foundations of Mental Health, Adult Development, Indigenous Mental Health, Perception and Perceptual Processes, and an Advanced Seminar


I am staying in the original curriculum. What will be different?

As you collect your required Psychology Core Groups courses, you can choose from 0.5 FCE options as shown on this page of the LU calendar.