Undergraduate Programs

We offer 3- and 4-year Bachelor Degree programs with majors in Psychology, as well as a number of combined and concurrent programs and a minor.  See the university calendar for details on our programs, courses and regulations.

Current Curriculum

The current curriculum for all undergraduate programs began September 2020.

  • Courses are one semester long or 0.5 FCE (except Psychology 1100 and 4901)
  • Required second and third year Psychology courses will focus on five core areas in Psychology: Biological, Cognitive-Affective, Social, Developmental, and Individual Bases of Behaviour, plus research methods and statistics
  • Labs and tutorials have been added to deepen learning
  • More flexibility in upper year Psychology electives and new 4th-year capstone projects
  • New courses including Foundations of Mental Health, Adult Development, Indigenous Mental Health, Perception and Perceptual Processes, and an Advanced Seminar


Students who enrolled before 2019-2020 may follow the old curriculum. 

To collect required Psychology Core Groups courses, students can choose from these 0.5 FCE options listed on this page of the LU calendar.