What Can You Do With a Philosophy Degree?

We like to keep in touch with our graduates, some of whom have pursued their academic and career interests to distant parts of the globe. Their stories provide the best answers as to what one can do with a Philosophy Degree.

Some of our students continued their study of philosophy at the graduate level. Our graduates have earned PhDs at Queen's, Western, Waterloo, University of Wisconsin and the London School of Economics. Others have pursued graduate work in cognate disciplines such as English, History, Political Science, Women's and Gender Studies, Education and Cultural Studies.

Others returned to the lecture theatre as professors. One of our graduates is a philosophy professor at Concordia; another is a history professor at Lakehead. Still another - following completion of graduate degrees in physics and mathematics - teaches biostatistics in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Several of our Philosophy students have pursued professional studies following graduation; they have gone on to law school, one is now a professor of law at Osgoode Hall. Two of our graduates have gone to medical school: one at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine; the other at the University of Ottawa. Still others have left the academic world for careers in business and in government, working in fields such as software development and human resources management.


While generations of philosophy students have found the study of philosophy is its own reward and the source of a lifetime of intellectual pleasure, an education in philosophy will serve you well no matter where your professional life may lead.

With its emphasis on development of reasoning skills, a background in philosophy is useful preparation in various professional fields, particularly law, journalism, computer programming, health care, business and education. Many philosophy students combine their philosophy studies with that of other disciplines. The Philosophy Department offers double majors with English, French, History, Indigenous Learning, Political Studies, and Psychology; and concurrent education Primary/Junior on Thunder Bay campus.

The value of philosophy as a foundation for professional life is evident in the results of standardized graduate admission tests like the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), where philosophy students often outperform their peers from other disciplines in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing (logic). Recently, philosophy students attained the highest GRE score amongst all disciplines in the verbal reasoning and analytical writing categories and the highest scores in quantitative reasoning of any students in a non-mathematical discipline.

The following selected articles offer insight into choosing an education in philosophy: