0041 - Newsletter Vol. 8

Department of Languages Newsletter    Vol. 8 - Spring 2005

Computer Assisted Language Learning at Lakehead
    Learning another language at Lakehead is now easier, thanks to the renovations of the language laboratory. The support and approval of our President, Dr. Gilbert, and of our Dean, Dr. Fedderson, the vision and determination of our Chair, Professor Nabarra, as well as the generous contribution of our alumni, faculty and staff, have allowed us to turn our dream into a reality. Furthermore, by acquiring a Computer Assisted Language Laboratory, our Department has taken a major step towards the implementation of the goals outlined in the University strategic plans.

    The Sanako Lab 300, equipped with an Information and Communication Manager as well as with a Computer Supervisory System network has been installed by Thorvin Electronics in Room 2001 of the Braun Building. This new lab is an interactive, easy-to-use language lab system that provides students with a versatile learning experience. By a simple click on the student icon, the teacher is able to monitor the selected student's work unnoticed. The student's voice, the programme soundtrack as well as the screen's image, all can be monitored from the teacher's station. With a second click of the mouse, the teacher can interrupt the student's work and take control of the student's keyboard and mouse.

    Offering high-quality audio, video and multimedia components, it enables teachers and students alike to make use of a variety of language learning resources. It allows the teacher to supervise the classroom on the master screen, to create and deliver lessons and to collect and evaluate exercises. Other devices, such as a CD, DVD player and VCR are also integrated in our lab. The system allows the transfer of video images from these devices to student monitors, an operation that gives a new dimension to language learning and the delivery of cultural material in civilization and literature courses.

     Although we started using the language lab in the fall of 2004, its official opening took place on January 28, 2005 during a conference on Teaching Language Using Multimedia Technologies held in our Department of Languages. Guest speakers for the occasion were Dr. Kristin Lovrien, who discussed the integration of Second Language Acquisition Theory as well as Digital Media Archives; Allison Kelley, who presented aspects of her thesis ESL via desktop videoconferencing, focusing on an exchange she arranged between LU students and French students in Pau (France); Al Ketonen, our language lab technician, who demonstrated various applications of the lab technology. The conference was attended by staff and faculty members, as well as by local high school language teachers.

Faculty / Student News
    This year, the Department participated once again in the Official Language Monitor Program, sponsored by the Government of Ontario. Christian Caron, who spent last year in Perpignan, was selected for the job. Christian is completing his 4th year in the HBA/BEd Program.
    Ismel González is working on his M.Ed. in education. He is interested in teaching practices and how they affect student achievement levels.
    Allison Kelley, who is taking her Master degree in education at LU, was our guest student speaker for our Teaching Languages Using Multimedia Technologies conference.
    In March 2005, Jari Leinonen presented a paper on The Finnish Civil War of 1917-1918 as part of the Chair of Finnish Studies Evening Lecture Series in Co-operation with the Department of Anthropology.
    Alain Nabarra had two of his papers published, ''L'enseignement du Français aux États-Unis au 18e siècle'' in El Texto como Encrucijada, Universidad de Rioja, Spain, and ''A quoi sert le Télémaque...'' in Documents pour l'Histoire du Français, No 30. He acted as an assessor for the SSHRC of Canada and also as consultant, researcher and on-camera commentator for two new TV series: Echos produced by TVO/TFO, and '' Y en a qui disent.... la magie des légendes '' produced by Pelletier Production Québec.
    Aurélie Pilliet was our assistante this year. Aurélie, who was born in Reims, was the first to take advantage of our new language lab. She created interactive sessions for our first year students and enjoyed the experience. "Le cours a été très bien accueilli par les étudiants et a facilité leur apprentissage de la culture française au moyen de nouvelles technologies." Her favourite sites? www.reims.fr (of course!) and www.wikipedia.fr. Aurélie is expecting a baby in the fall and we wish her the best.
    A first step towards the restoration of Italian language and civilization has been made this year: Italian 1510 Italian Language and Culture was offered in January 2005 through Distance Education. Local students, but also students from Southern Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia, took the course taught by John Potestio (MA, LU). The Department is planning to offer a second course, Italian 1530 Italian Civilization, in January 2006, also through Distance Education. The realization of this pilot-project is made possible with the help of many members of the local Italian Community, and the support of organizations such as the Italian Studies Committee.
    In December 2003, Marie-Noëlle Rinne obtained her Doctorat from the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (France). In 2004, her paper "Identités de femmes et espaces géographiques dans la littérature canadienne d'expression française" was published by the Universidad de la Rioja (Spain). She also presented a paper on "Les points cardinaux dans l'écriture de Huston" at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences held in Winnipeg. In the fall, she refereed a paper on "Formulaic vs. creatively produced speech". In January 2005, she welcomed guest speakers as well as friends and colleagues to the official opening of the New Language Lab. She is now working on a bibliography of Female French authors in Western Canada.
    The Department welcomes one of its former students, Matthias Ruppenstein (HBA/BED), who has joined the staff as a contract lecturer. He taught the second part of French 1200 this year while Vincent Schonberger was on sabbatical. Matthias is teaching French at Hammarskjöld High School.
    Peter Seyffert translated Pierre Léon's Le Pied de Dieu (Éditions du Greff, 2001). The book, The Foot of God: A Disrespectful Reading of the Bible, is published by Trafford Publishing and is available at LU Bookstore.
    Vincent Schonberger gave a paper at the 47th Conference of the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota titled "La préoccupation ontologique et existentialiste de Camus dans La Chute".
    Béatrice Vernier-Larochette arrived last year from Nova Scotia to teach French Language and French Literature in our department. She will soon defend her Ph.D. thesis where she analyses the writing of five painters (Gauguin, Van Gogh, Moreau, Redon and Léger). She gave a paper at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences last June in Winnipeg titled: " 'Avant et après' de Paul Gauguin: rhétorique d'une autobiographie ou d'un autoportrait?" She has been enjoying teaching by meeting enthusiastic students and is busy in her spare time with running, skiing and snowboarding.
    Jennifer Ward spent last year at the Université de Savoie, in Chambéry, France. When not studying or immersing herself in the French way of life, she travelled to England, Italy, Switzerland, and many parts of France, particularly Strasbourg and Paris (twice!). 'C'était une expérience extraordinaire! J'ai réussi tous mes cours et amélioré mon français; mais j'ai appris plus que ça : être à l'étranger m'a aidé à découvrir et mieux apprécier d'autres cultures, comme à prendre conscience de mon identité canadienne et en être fière''. Jennifer is now finishing her HBA/BED at Lakehead. E-mail: jennyward23@hotmail.com.
    Diaries and Journals of the Mission established in 1848 at Pigeon River and then in 1849 on the banks of the Kaministiquia, have been kept since its foundation. For the first twenty years the documentation was exclusively in French, as the first missionaries came from France and Belgium. These historical documents, which have never been published, present a unique perspective of our Northern region's history, population, culture and environment. A $5,100 grant (SSHRC ASU Grant) will permit us to start transcribing, establishing and editing the text of the French manuscripts. Alain Nabarra, Marie-Noëlle Rinne, and Vincent Schonberger are collaborating on this project.


Christian, Julia, Denis et Oye-Sem

Perpignan 2003- 2004 Des découvertes linguistiques, géographiques ou tout simplement personnelles voilà les résultats d'une expérience sans pareil. Partir pendant une année scolaire à l'étranger, le rêve de tout étudiant. Quatre étudiants de Lakehead University ont eu la chance de participer à un échange entre le Canada et la France. Il s'agit d'un échange entre l'université de Winnipeg et celle de Perpignan en France. Perpignan se situe au sud de la France tout près de la frontière de l'Espagne, c'est-à-dire près des Pyrénées. Julia MULLINS, Oye-Sem WON, Denis BRUSSET et Christian CARON étaient les participants ontariens de cet échange.


Bonjour à tous!
    Me voici en Alsace. J'ai finalement trouvé un apartement à Colmar où je travaille dans un grand lycée. Le travail va bien et le reste (l'apart) s'arrange petit à petit. J'ai déjà eu la chance de voyager un peu avant de commencer l'école et pendant les vacances de la Toussaint.
    Ici ils ont déjà commencé à mettre les décorations de Noél¸partout. Bientôt il va avoir le marché de Noél dans la place juste en bas de chez moi et partout en Alsace. Il fait déja très froid. J'espère que tout le mond va bien.
                                                                        A la prochaine,- Natacha

    P.S. J'habite à deux pas de la rue sur la carte postale.
  Natacha Martinie Ruberto, 4 rue Landeck, 68000 Colmar, France.


M. Nabarra, Mme Rinné, M. Seyffert, Cindy, le département des langues!
    Bonne nouvelle année et meilleurs voeux à tous! Je vous écris de St. Maximin, où j'havite au centre-ville, près de plusieurs boulangeries / patisseries : ) . Je travaille à Brignoles, qui se situe à 20 km de St. Max.
    Je suis logée chez une famille accueil très sympa, et comme je ne paie pas de loyer, (je donne des cours d'anglais), je me suis acheté une voiture! 
    Tout se passe très bien. Les étudiants au lycée sont gentils, et j'ai eu l'opportunité de
visiter l'Italie, l'Espagne (Barcelone), le sud de la France, Strasbourg (pour le marché de Noël), et j'ai rendu visite à Jennifer Ward à Chambéry. 
    J'espère que tout va bien à l'Université et que je ne vous manque pas trop. Haha. Profitez bien de la neige: ça me manque! 
    Je lis beaucoup en français (jusqu' à ce moment-là, Camus, Diderot, Amélie Nothomb et d'autres...) et n'arrête pas d'apprendre, bien que j'e ne suis pas de cours! Quelle aventure! 
    Je vous en remercie! Dans l'attente de vous voir pendant l'été.                         - Olivia

The installation of the Computer Assisted Language Lab has been rendered possible through the efforts and generosity of many, particularly:
The Alumni Association of Lakehead University                   Alan A. Moorhead
Department of Languages Faculty and Staff                      Odette Brenet (in memoriam)
J. Aleksiejan
J. Barry
J. Baker
M. Bellin
J. Berube
J. Busch
B. Campbell
K. Chlebovec
L. Chyril
R. Comuzzi
R. Curciarello
J. D'Amour
W. D'Angelo
B. Desilets
G. Doricic
C. Fascina
L. Garred
D. Haavisto
R. Harbron
S. Hedlund
P. Jean
M. Knowler
J. Kukko
H. MacDonald
T.L. MacDonald
U. McCutcheon
A. McDonald
D. McGuire
C. Marino
D. Mason
M. Menard
A. Nabarra
S. Nigro
A. Pavelic
J. Pike
J. Pino
K. Plante
M. Polowick
H. Richardson
M.N. Rinne
G. Ruberto
D. Sawdo
M. Start
L. Stein
W. Stilla
K. Thomas
L. Tonin
H. Venchard
B. Weber
J. Zaroski 
    Our thanks and appreciation to those who continue to support us through their annual donations.


Bonjour!!! M. Nabarra, M. Schonberger et Mme. Rinné!
    J'ai acheté cette carte postale à Laen où je suis allée pour ma visite médicale & et où j'ai finalement reçu mon titre de séjour.
    Le temps qu'il fait en France est très beau - très chaud! J'espére pas comme l'année dernière.
    Il y a un peu plus de 2 mois que je travaille comme animatrice d'anglais. Des clients chez les entreprises (Nestlé / L'Oréal).
     Tout va très bien, mais le Canada me marque énormément!
                                                                              Gros bisous! - Camille


Bonjour à toute la classe.                                                                      19/09/03
     Juste un petit message pour vous dire que tout va bien ici à Perpignan. Nous sommes en plein centre-ville. Il fait chaud et les pains et croissants sont excellents!
    Nous pensons tous à vous. Nous allons avoir l'internet et tel au mois d'octobre. Ne travaillez pas trop trop fort!!
    A bientôt,  (Nous commencons les classes le 06/10/03)
                                                   Oye-Sem, Julia, Denis & Christian

Julia, Oye-Sem, Prof. Viselli and Christian in Perpignan


Department of Languages Pot Luck Dinner


A frozen Aurélie Pilliet, our French Assistant

This newsletter was prepared by: Al Ketonen (Al.Ketonen@lakeheadu.ca), Vincent Schonberger (Vincent.Schonberger@lakeheadu.ca), Marie Noëlle Rinne (mnrinne@.lakeheadu.ca) Alain Nabarra (Alain.Nabarra@lakeheadu.ca), & Cindy Lamontagne (Cindy.Lamontagne@lakeheadu.ca)