Entrepreneur Certificate (Faculty of Business Administration)

Combining an Honours BA in History with an Entrepreneur Certificate from the Faculty of Business Administration provides students with a unique opportunity to take series of courses designed to provide you with a strong business education, as well as develop management and entrepreneurial skills, that are an assets for those seeking to work in history and heritage organizations, NGOs, in a corporate setting, are other field where entrepreneurial skills are valued.

Below is a recommended program of study to ensure within four years the requirements for both the Honours BA in History and the Entrepreneur Certificate Program requirements can be met.


1. All required courses must be taken at Lakehead University.
2. The certificate will be conferred at the same time as/upon completion of a degree at Lakehead University provided the student has attained a grade of no less than 60% in each of the courses of the certificate program.

First Year:
(a) History 1100
(b) One FCE (full course equivalent) from Type A courses
(c) Two FCEs from Type B courses
(d) Business 1011 or Business 1511
(e) Business 1012 or Business 1512

Second Year:
(a) History 2510
(b) Two and a half FCEs in History at the second year level
(c) Business 1013 or Business 1513
(d) One and a half FCE electives (History excluded)

Third Year:
(a) Three FCEs in History at the third year level
(b) Business 2514 and Business 2538
(c) One FCE electives (History excluded)

Fourth Year:
(a) Three FCEs in History at the fourth year level
(b) Business 3215
(c) One and half FCE electives

Please note that the above is intended as a guide. Requirements found in the Academic Calendar under the Faculty of Business Administration take precedence.