Dr. Cheryl Lousley, Department of English and Interdisciplinary Studies named Fulbright research chair

Dr. Lousley’s research will focus on the study of contemporary Canadian novels and short stories, looking at the ways in which environmental concerns have been narrated in Canadian fiction. Her interest in memory aims to shift the focus away from future environmental concerns that tend to dominate to look at how our environmental histories tend to be forgotten.

“We talk about a number of great losses and sacrifices made in the development of our country, such as during war, but environmental losses, such as from polluted waterways, mining and climate change, do not tend to have the same profile and public memory,” said Dr. Lousley. “We always think that environmental problems are going to come in the future and that contributes to us carrying on in denial of climate change.”

In particular, she hopes her research will unveil the ways that different Canadian contemporary writers have been intervening in the narrative of Canada by the way in which they talk about our environmental past – writing stories back in so that way we can remember the ecological suffering that also happened during the development of our nation.

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