Dr. Anna Guttman awarded a Contributions to Research Award for 2008

 Dr. Anna Guttman awarded a Contributions to Research Award in 2008

Dr. Anna Guttman
In the three years that she has been at Lakehead, Dr. Guttman has established herself as one of the top researchers in our department.  Most importantly, she has published a monograph, titled The Nation of India in Contemporary Indian Literature with Palgrave Macmillan, an important publisher.  In addition, during the past three years, she has published a co-edited volume, The Global Literary Field, for which she co-wrote the introduction and contributed a chapter, and another two refereed articles, and has given seven papers at national and international conferences. 
Dr. Guttman is not just a prolific researcher; her work is of high quality.  It is placed with important publishers and well-respected journals, and has been recognized both with an internal merit award and with external funding.  She was recently awarded a Shastri research fellowship for taking up research at the University of Mumbai in India , a recognition of the quality of her work to date
Her current project on the representation of Jewish people in post-colonial literature promises to be a ground-breaking addition to the field, and to help bridge some of the gaps between post-colonial and globalization studies.  
Congratulations Anna!