Electrical Engineering – Lakehead-Georgian Partnership

Earn a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Degree from Lakehead University with Advanced Diploma (Electrical Engineering Technology) from Georgian College through the Lakehead-Georgian Partnership.

The BEng (Electrical Engineering)* Lakehead-Georgian Partnership by Lakehead University and Georgian College offers an integrated Bachelor of Engineering Degree and Electrical Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma. Offered at the Georgian College Barrie campus, students will complete both a degree and a diploma in four years.

Graduates are well equipped for future specialization and a wide range of career opportunities. Electrical engineers deal with the design of economically viable and ecologically balanced electronic and electrical equipment and systems. Beyond the design, engineers are involved in all stages of product or system development, from manufacturing and testing, to maintenance and troubleshooting in the field. The career of an electrical engineer is often centered on a combination of these work areas and some choose to move into specialized areas such as consulting, entrepreneurial product design, marketing, or project management after gaining more experience.

* Graduates of the Lakehead-Georgian Partnership will be awarded a Lakehead University Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree. In addition, the Lakehead-Georgian partnership program will seek accreditation with the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) when the initial cohort reaches year four per the standard CEAB process that is used for all Lakehead BEng programs.

Click here for the BEng (Elec) - Lakehead Georgian Partnership Program Outline for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

Click here for the Lakehead-Georgian Partnership Brochure.