Emeriti & Past Faculty

Emeriti Faculty

Norman C. Bonsor, Retired 2002 
MA (Connecticut)
Fields: Industrial Organization, Transportation, Environmental Economics 
Email: normbonsor@shaw.ca

Frederick J. Anderson, Retired 2001 
MA (Manitoba)
Fields: Microeconomics, Natural Resources, Regional Economics, Health Economics
Email: fjanderson@hotmail.com

George Kondor, Retired 1999 
PHD Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Economics) 
Fields: Mathematical Economics, Cost-Benefit Analysis 
Email: george.kondor@lakeheadu.ca

T.D. Harris
MA University of Chicago 
Fields: Agricultural Economics, Cooperatives, Economic History 
Email: N/A


Past Faculty Members

Witold B. Jankowski, Resigned July 2001 
PHD (Manitoba) 
Fields: Transportation, Regional, Comparative Economics Systems 
Email: witold.jankowski@lakeheadu.ca

Dr. Hamza Malik - Resigned June 2007
PHD (McMaster) 
Fields: International Finance, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics 
Email: N/A

Dr. John Spraggon - Resigned June 2007 
PHD (McMaster) 
Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Experimental Economics
Email: jmspragg@resecon.umass.edu