Campus Tour Booking for Thunder Bay

Our personalized tours offer a one-on-one tour experience by a student tour guide. Along the tour you will see classrooms, lab spaces, the athletic facilities, a comprehensive tour of residence, and a meeting with a faculty member from the program that interests you.
*Please note that if you book a tour within five business days, a residence tour and faculty meeting may not be able to be facilitated.

  • Thunder Bay Campus Tours are offered Monday, Wednesday - Friday at 9:00am & 1:00pm and Tuesday at 10:30am & 1:00pm
  • Campus Tours are not offered on the weekend.
  • Campus Tour requests must be booked a minimum of 5 business days in advance.
  • For more information about tours, please contact 1-800-465-3959 or 807-343-8500
  • Receive up to $500 in travel reimbursement

About your Visit


I am interested in scheduling a meeting with a faculty representative from the following program(s). Please note, we will attempt to schedule faculty meetings as part of your overall visit to Lakehead. If selecting Concurrent Education as choice 1, please select your major as choice 2.