How to Prepare

What to Bring for Your Tour

  • A big smile
  • A camera
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Depending on the season, your interests, and how long you're staying, bring skis, snowboard, skates, hiking boots, camping gear, and fishing gear
  • An appetite (We have some great restaurants!)

List of Questions/Things to Find Out While on Campus:

Coming prepared with a list of questions is a good idea. Often times, you'll forget all the things on your mind once you get here so jot them down before you leave. Here's a sample of some questions that we often get asked:

  • What is the history of Lakehead University?
  • Where are the student hang-out areas?
  • How big is the campus?
  • What kinds of clubs are there at the university?
  • What are the classroom sizes like?
  • What is student life like if you stay in residence?
  • What is a lecture comprised of?
  • How is learning different in university from high school?
  • Are professors available for extra help? Are there tutoring services available to students?
  • Where would I have classes?
  • What kinds of opportunities are associated with my program?
  • Is there a co-op program available for my area of study?
  • What kind of materials do I need?
  • How long do classes last?
  • Are there talks given on different topics by special guests?
  • What is there to do on campus?
  • Are there extra-curricular activities that I can get involved in?
  • What would a typical semester look like for a student in my area of study?
  • How far are shopping and restaurant facilities from the campus?
  • Are there jobs available on and off-campus?
  • How much does a bus pass cost? What other modes of transportation are available?
  • Where do locals like to hang out?