Enrich Your Education

Our faculty members are active researchers in their area of study, including geometric functional analysis, statistics, and probability theory, and they often hire undergraduate research assistants. These positions are paid and can last up to sixteen weeks during the summer, providing an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience. For current opportunities, we recommend you speak to your professors in your area(s) of interest. 


Our Department of Mathematics holds colloquiums (seminars/talks) throughout the year on various topics related to course content and independent research. Attending these colloquiums is a great way to expand your knowledge and network with leaders in broad mathematical fields.

The Lakehead University Mathematics Club is a student-run organization dedicated to advancing and increasing awareness for the Department of Mathematics. The Math Club holds regular fundraising events, organizes math contests and end-of-year dinners, and celebrates the annual Pi Day (which includes pies!). We encourage you to get involved with this great organization and contribute to our great community of math lovers.

Our Department regularly oversees, and volunteers to help with, elementary and secondary school math contests, such as the Kangaroo Math Contest. Participating in such contests is a great way to bolster your resume, particularly if you are pursuing the Concurrent Education option.