Technology Working Group

Purpose of the Working Group

To discuss and develop plans with respect to the various stages:

1. Readying for Fall

  • Assess current technology preparation for primarily online delivery in the fall term
  • Plan for additional supports required for online/remote delivery
  • Coordinate with the Classroom working group to support technology requirements for face-to-face delivery, taking into account classroom restrictions
  • Review and support software requirements for instruction

2. Implementation for Fall

  • Implement new technology per planning process
  • Support ongoing training as needed to prepare staff for fall

3. Fall Term

  • Maintain, monitor, communicate and adapt technology to support operations

Technology Working Group members

Andrew Brigham, CIO (Chair)
Dr. Rhonda Koster, Deputy Provost
Kevin Schlyter, Planning & Construction Manager, Physical Plant
Mason Holroyd, Manager Servers, Desktop and Client Services, TSC
Fernand Melanson, Manager Multimedia, Data/Voice, TSC
Dr. Hassan Naser, Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Betsy Birmingham, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Dr. Tony Puddephatt, Chair, Department of Sociology

If you have any questions or matters you wish you raise with the Technology Working Group, please email



Enabling remote instructional spaces

32 Instructional Spaces have been enabled with WiFi across the Centennial Building, Lot 5 Research and Sanders Fieldhouse.   These spaces have been configured with a temporary WiFi solution to enable remote instruction from laboratories and special facilities.


Bringing the Computer Lab to your device

Lakehead University has invested in a new tool to provide access to software remotely.  This new solution will provide a web launchpad enabling students access to University licensed software and computing resources previously only available in the computer labs.  The service is available at and additional information and instructions may be found on the Helpdesk website


Support for Teaching and Learning

The Teaching Commons and the Multimedia Team remain engaged in providing workshops, advice and support.  Check out the list of Workshops available on the Teaching Commons website and connect with the Multimedia team by calling 807-343-8886 if you are looking for support, training or other advice related to Zoom.